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Claus Huitfeldt

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At the moment I am on research leave, and not available in Bergen.

After having finished my "magister" degree at the University of Trondheim in 1984 I worked on the Norwegian Wittgenstein Project, until in 1990 I founded the Wittgenstein Archives at the University of Bergen. I directed this project until the publication of Wittgenstein's Nachlass: The Bergen Electronic Edition (Oxford University Press, 2000, ISBN-10: 0192686917). This was the first complete publication of Ludwig Wittgenstein's Nachlass, and one of the first digital text critical editions of its size and kind.

Since then I have worked, philosophically as well as text-technologically, with methods for the representation, manipulation and analysis of documents, as well as with questions about their ontological and epistemological status. Text encoding and transcription are central themes in this work, which focuses especially on two subjects:

  • Identity conditions and similarity measures for texts in general, and for digital documents in particular
  • Representation, manipulation and analysis of complex documents with overlapping, discontinuous, unordered or multiply ordered elements.


Some recent talks:

Sperberg-McQueen, C.M., and Huitfeldt, Claus: "Bootstrapping Project-specific Spell-checkers". Paper given at Digital Humanities 2019, Utrecht, 8-.12-07.2019. Slides: http://mlcd.blackmesatech.com/mlcd/2019/Talks/Utrecht-201907/index.xml Abstract: https://dev.clariah.nl/files/dh2019/boa/0961.html

Huitfeldt, Claus, and Sperberg-McQueen, C.M.: "Interpreting Difference Among Transcripts". Paper given at Digital Humanities 2018, Mexico City, 26.-29.06.2018. Slides: http://mlcd.blackmesatech.com/mlcd/2018/Talks/MexicoDF-201806/index.en.xml Abstract: https://dh2018.adho.org/en/interpreting-difference-among-transcripts/

Huitfeldt, Claus, and Sperberg-McQueen, C.M.: "Transcriptional Implicature: Using a Transcript to Reason about an Exemplar". Paper given at Digital Humanities 2017, Montreal, 8.-11.08.2017. Abstract: https://dh2017.adho.org/abstracts/235/235.pdf

Sperberg-McQueen, C.M., Marcoux, Yves, and Huitfeldt, Claus: "Transcriptional Implicature: A Contribution To Markup Semantics". Paper given at Digital Humanities 2014, Lausanne, 9.-12.07.2019. Abstract: http://dharchive.org/paper/DH2014/Paper-61.xml


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