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Academic article
  • Lundervold, Astri; Vartiainen, Henna; Jensen, Daniel André; Haavik, Jan. 2019. Test–Retest Reliability of the 25-item version of Wender Utah Rating Scale. Impact of Current ADHD Severity on Retrospectively Assessed Childhood Symptoms. Journal of Attention Disorders. 1-9.
  • Sørensen, Lin; Wass, Sam Vincent; Osnes, Berge; Schanche, Elisabeth; Adolfsdottir, Steinunn; Svendsen, Julie Lillebostad; Visted, Endre; Eilertsen, Thomas; Jensen, Daniel André; Nordby, Helge; Fasmer, Ole Bernt; Binder, Per-Einar; Koenig, Julian; Sonuga-Barke, Edmund J.S. 2019. A psychophysiological investigation of the interplay between orienting and executive control during stimulus conflict: A heart rate variability study. Physiology and Behavior. 1-8.
  • Jensen, Daniel André; Høvik, Marie Farstad; Monsen, Nadja Josefine Nyhammer; Eggen, Thale Wanvik; Eichele, Heike; Adolfsdottir, Steinunn; Plessen, Kerstin J.; Sørensen, Lin. 2018. Keeping emotions in mind: The influence of working memory capacity on parent-reported symptoms of emotional lability in a sample of children with and without ADHD. Frontiers in Psychology. 1-9.
Academic chapter/article/Conference paper
  • Flobak, Eivind; Jensen, Daniel André; Lundervold, Astri; Nordgreen, Tine; Chen, Li-Hsuan; Guribye, Frode. 2018. Towards Technology-Based Interventions for Improving Emotional and Cognitive Control.
  • Flobak, Eivind; Guribye, Frode; Jensen, Daniel André; Lundervold, Astri. 2017. Designing Data-Driven Interventions for Mental Health Care. 4 pages.

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