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Domains of expertise:

Art, citizen science, peer to peer society, art-science integration.

Wildschut, Diana & Zijp, Harmen. The discoveries of citizens running around. Climate Risk Management. Volume 28 (2020).

Wildschut, Diana. The need for citizen science in the transition to a sustainable peer-to-peer-society. Futures. Volume 91 (2017)

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J.A. Wardekker, D. Wildschut, S. Stemberger, J.P. van der Sluijs. Screening regional management options for their impact on climate resilience: An approach and case study in the Venen-Vechtstreek wetlands in the Netherlands. SpringerPlus 5: 750 (2016)

J. van der Sluijs, K. Rommetveit, I. Foss-Ballo, R. Strand, Z. Kovacic, M. Giampietro, L. Lemkow, M. Di Masso, Â. Pereira, L. Vesnic, N. van Dijk, D. Kloza, M. Hildebrandt, M. Smits, D. Wildschut, L. Cohlen, K. O’Riordan, and A. Fotopoulou. Policy recommendations: Towards socially robust smart grids. EPINET Report. Utrecht University (2015)

J.P. van der Sluijs, Z. Kovacic, D. Wildschut, K. Rommetveit, W. van Sark, and M. Smits. "The future social robustness of smart electricity networks in Europe." EPINET deliverable 6.2, Utrecht. (2014)

J.P. van der Sluijs, D. Wildschut and L. Maxim. "Bijensterfte en pesticiden," Millieu Dossier (2014)

CoCliServ Co-development of place-based climate services for action (JPI Climate ERA 4CS) [2017-2020] (spin-off of UC4A!)

Meet je Stad! (Measure Your City). Citizen science project investigating local impact of climate change: development of a sensor network built on open source technology. Collaboration with the city of Amersfoort and the water authority Vallei & Veluwe [2015-present]

Aquatic biomass chain. Research project to obtain both high grade proteins and ecological water from paludiculture crops that utilize excess runoff nutrients in surface water. Chain analysis and growth optimization [2015-present]

Consortium member of UC4A [Understanding Cultural Conditions for Climate Change Adaptation] (SAMKUL Researcher Network, The Research Council of Norway) [2015-2017]. Contributions to network meetings, research proposal and scientific publications.

Consortium member of Go Figure: Visualizing Climate Change (FIGO) (SAMKUL Researcher Network, The Research Council of Norway) [2015-2016]

Fields of competence