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Dinara Podgornova

PhD Candidate
  • E-mailDinara.Podgornova@uib.no
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    Parkveien 9
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    5020 Bergen

Dinara is working with her PhD project at SKOK. She is studying how intersectional feminist discourses travel across borders and how they get used, transformed and appropriated in Russian-speaking feminist online spaces. 

Dinara has an educational background in gender studies from the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary. In her Master thesis Dinara studied digital moral activism and anti- LGBT activism in russian speaking media.

Her PhD project is situated within debates on geopolitics of knowledge production within gender studies and feminist activism; translation and transnational circulation of feminist texts, theories and activist frames and feminist critiques of intersectionality.
As part of her Phd project Dinara participates in the international collaboration: «New tools for transnational analysis in postgraduate intersectional gender research – towards long-term international collaborations in doctoral and postdoctoral training». It is a collaboration between studies in gender from Linköping, Budapest, Cape Town and Bergen.

While researching at SKOK Dinara is a member of the researchgroup Fundamental Questions in Gender Research. This is an interdisiplinary group with members from across faculties.

Spring 2017 KVIK 206 (Master level) Gender and Sexuality in a Global Context

Spring 2017 KVIK 101 (Bachelor level) Kjønn i det moderne