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Einar Wiig

Assistant Professor
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    Møllendalsveien 61
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Einar Wiig is Assistant Professor at the Department of Design. Before he became Vice Dean he was Coordinator of the Master’s programme at the Department of Design. He has been affiliated with the Bergen Academy of Art and Design (KHiB) since 1992 as an art and design historian and as the Dean of the Department of Design. In addition, he has been the department’s representative in collaboration with The Dignity Centre (Verdighetssenteret) in Bergen.

Wiig is the author of several books: about the painter Bernt Tunold, the graphic art of Jens Johannesen, the sculptor Hans Jacob Meyer and ‘Vær så god sitt!’ (Have a seat, please). The latter was written in connection with a travelling exhibition about Norwegian furniture design, a major artistic research project overseen by the Department of Design. In recent years, he has worked on a doctoral thesis with the working title Fra stoler til sitteredskaper (From chairs to tools for sitting).
Wiig has an MA in art history (1990), in addition to philosophy and general literature as intermediate subjects. The topic of his master’s thesis was the West Norwegian painter Bernt Tunold (1990).

At the core of Wiig’s research lies HOME, a furniture catalogue produced by Stokke Furniture in the late 1990s with furniture by Peter Opsvik and other designers affiliated with Stokke. The central topic is how the catalogue’s images, texts and graphic design express a certain phase of modernity, not least due to the specific placement of the furniture in different homes.
Wiig’s research largely focuses on ideas and their expression at different levels, and the concept of freedom plays a central role. Theoretically, Wiig’s thesis spans the subjects of art and design history, sociology, intellectual history, philosophy and anthropology, with emphasis on theorists such as A. Giddens, C. Taylor (The Ethics of Authenticity), M. Gullestad and Martin Buber (I and Thou).