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Eli Melby

PhD Candidate
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Key words: Political sociology, social movements, gender, political organizing and participation, political claims-making, activism during the covid-19 pandemic, French politics 

Eli Melby is PhD Fellow in sociology at the University of Bergen in Norway. Her main research topics include political participation and organizing, gender and social movements. Her doctoral project deals with the role of gender in new class-based movements, with a case study of grassroots organizing in the Yellow vest movement in France. Methodologically Melby draws mainly on in-depth qualitative interviews, participant observation and archive data.

Melby has been visiting researcher at Centre for European Studies (CEE), Sciences Po Paris April to July 2021, and at CRAPUL Research Centre for Political Action, University of Lausanne September to December 2021. 

SOS100A: Introduction to social movement studies

MET102: Qualitative research methods and analysis; Ethics

SOS202: Bachelor thesis in sociology

SOS101: Feminist theory

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Academic lecture
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Article in business/trade/industry journal
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More information in national current research information system (CRIStin)

Research consultant, ARENA Centre for European studies, University of Oslo, 2019-2020

University lecturer, Center for gender research, University of Oslo, 2019

Research assistant, Norwegian social research - NOVA, OsloMet, 2017-2019


Master's degree in sociology, Department of sociology, University of Oslo, 2017

Bachelor's degree in social sciences, Université Paris Descartes, 2014