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Emily Violet Maddox

PhD Candidate
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Emiliy Maddox is writing a PhD on autism and how autistic individuals relate to, and construct, their gendered identities. In particular, how do autistic individuals negotiate their gendered identities in relation to their autism diagnosis? Her educational background is from the United Kingdom with a Master of Arts in Cultural and Critical Theory and a Bachelor of Arts in Cultural studies, both from the University of Leeds.

In her Phd project Emily studies the formations which underlay and produce our gendered understandings of pathology and how these formations are played out in the construction of autistic subjectivities. Through qualitative data collection and analysis Emily foregrounds the experience of autistic individuals and autistic culture as a productive method for understanding the potentials and limits of the gendered human in the 21st century. This is a project of emancipation which hopes to contribute to an emerging field which utilises holistic and wide-ranging methodologies and analysis techniques to aid in the better understanding of autism and autistic people.

At SKOK Emily is part of the research group Foundational Questions in Gender Research. This is an interdisciplinary group with members from across faculties and centres.
Emily is a member of international networks and seminars. She is a founding member of Works in Progress. A peer led seminar series which seeks to bridge the gap between the Social Sciences and the Humanities by providing a platform for post graduates and early career researchers to push the boundaries of our respective fields and brings new perspectives and encourages multidimensional understandings and analyses of society and culture.
Emily is a member of Feminist Readings Network. A transnational and translingual network founded to encourage and explore what it means to read with feminist and queer thought, art and pedagogy. Seminars have been held in Helsinki, Finland; Paris, France; Leeds, U.K. Upcoming seminars to be held in Pretoria, South Africa and Bergen, Norway.

Website: https://feministreadings.org/

Gendered Narratives: The Over-Representation of Autistic Young People Accessing Gender Identity Services in the United Kingdom




Emily is writing a Phd at Centre for Women's and gender Research (SKOK)