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I am a sedimentologist and seismic interpreter who studying geological systems from a range of scales and perspectives, including modern, outcrop, core, logs, and both field- and basin-scale seismic data. My research predominantly covers syn-rift sedimentary systems, including the filling mechanism along with the understanding of forming mechanisms through different styles of deformation.

Sihombing, E.H., Indra, Y., Waworuntu, R., Priwastono, D. 2019. The Stratigraphy of Lacustrine Associated Reservoir Belut Formation, Block B, West Natuna Basin. Indonesia Petroleum Association (IPA) 43rd Annual Convention & Exhibition 2019, archives.datapages.com/data/ipa_pdf/2019/IPA19-G-437.html

Deep-water Syn-rift Depositional systems on the NCS, Petromaks II DeepRift project