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Erick Alvarez Barreno

PhD Candidate

My project analyzes the consequences of the participation and contestation components of democracy (i.e. enfranchisement and parliamentary constraint). By defining these two as forms of political control, I develop a typology of regimes that determines the degree to which a ruler is committed to securing rights or accountable to citizens’ sanctions. Empirically, my research plans to produce unpublished valuable data on key institutional and economic factors dating back to the 18th century. As methods, I use panel data analysis, sequencing analysis, and an IV approach. This combined strategy would not only produce stronger inferences but to provide insights into the use of instruments to explore the impact of political institutions. My research will thus contribute by shedding light on the study of the causal effect of institutional variations that take place within broader designs such as democracy and dictatorship.

  • Alvarez Barreno, Erick. 2023. Executive Constraints and Economic Growth. Working Paper.
  • Alvarez Barreno, Erick. 2021. Political Budget Cycles in Latin America: A Dynamic Panel Analysis. (in Spanish) Estudios Políticos, 62, 267-292.
  • Alvarez Barreno, Erick. 2021. Institutional Conditions for the Endurance of Democracy. (in Spanish) Colloquia, Academic Journal of Culture and Thought, 8, 37-48.