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Erika Brandl

PhD Candidate
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In my research, I mobilize key concepts of intergenerational distributive justice (IDJ) in order to define and defend a new normative approach to housing adequacy. This new approach stems from requalifying issues of justice in housing (affordability, accessibility, shelter, privacy) in light of the recent literature on sufficientarian IDJ, basic needs and capabilities; housing adequacy is evaluated in light of houses’ cross-generational features and effects. Attention is given to the practical application of the normative approach in the field of policy development, city planning and architecture.

Central to the project is the following interrogation. What housing arrangements are most desirable for a just distribution of housing, in present and future times? 

Supervision: Jesse Tomalty, University of Bergen
Co-supervision: Axel Gosseries, UCLouvain (Hoover Chair)

June 2023
'The city as moral space'
Hosting Space: Politics of Gatherings, Hordaland Kunstsenter; Bergen (Norway)

Avril 2023
'Building intergenerational justice': housing adequacy for a futureproof future
Designing Environments: Layers, Scopes, and Closures, International Association for the Study of Environment, Space, and Place; Hochschule Pforzheim (Germany)

November 2022
Returning to Carrie Mae Weems’ kitchen: on framed privacy and the value-laden theatre of homes
Hitting Home: Representations of the Domestic Milieu in Feminist Art, University of Johannesburg; South African Art and Visual Culture Chair, Johannesburg (South Africa)

November 2022
Good rooms, capable roomer? A capabilities’ account of housing adequacy and the Harriet Backer case for non-conservative conservation of the self
STAY HOME: New perspectives on the home, University of Copenhagen, The Royal Danish Academy; Copenhagen (Denmark)

August 2022
A battle of bricks and stones: house architecture for the revolution
The Socialist City: Planning, Transformation and Aftermath, Leibniz Institute for Research on Society and Space; Berlin (Germany)

June 2022 
Drawn altars, lines of site: Sverre Fehn and the territorial eye
Nordic Nature: Art, Ecology, Landscape, University of Bergen; Bergen (Norway) 

Mars 2022
Material mastery of the Far North: re-imag(in)ing Norwegian architecture and the multiform histories of crafting Flydalsjuvet
Design History Society Dialogues; London (United Kingdom)

October 2021
On operationalized solidarities: insights of ecosophy and other reconnaissance tactics for the climate age
Capital, Climate, Crisis: Sixth Annual Conference of the Danish Society for Marxist Studies; Aalborg (Denmark) 

July 2021
Revisiting Waldron: on ownership, first-generation rights and the situated freedom to be
International Society for the Philosphy of Architecture Biennale - Public Space: the Real and the Ideal; Monte Verita (Switzerland)

April 2021
Rehearsing otherness: the elusive child, derangements and operative identities in Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations
Wittgenstein and Feminism: Ordinary Language Philosophy’s Contribution to Feminist Theory and Practice International Conference; Bergen (Norway), Paris (France)

March 2021
A theoretical definition of housing adequacy as human right: can it be done?
Open Lecture Series, Bergen Arkitekthøgskole; Bergen (Norway)

January 2021
From principles to practice: moral obligations of architects towards realizing the human right to housing
Philosophy across the Fjords; Bergen (Norway), Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium)

April 2020
Architectural othering and the promises of rurality: Rehabilitating the rural through dwelling, and other considerations on oikos architecture and the self
Symposium Art and Otherness, Bergensnettverket for kvinner i filosofi; Bergen (Norway)

July 2019
The Last Meeting: a New Protocol for the Political Commons
Verbeke Foundation, University of Hasselt - PXL-MAD School of Arts; Antwerp (Belgium)

September 2018
Housing the Humble Body? The Right to the City Incarnated in Vittorio De Sicca’s Il Tetto
Pen Pal Pictures, Gallery 2426 SET; Los Angeles (United States of America)

March 2018
Lado a Lado: Architectural iconography for States nations and other borders ethics
Relaciones Inesperadas; Tijuana (Mexico)

2021-01 — 2021-03
Bergen Arkitekthøgskole, Instructor
Subject: Digital Culture - Modules, repetitions, matters (master and bachelor course)

2020-09 — 2021-01
McGill University School of Architecture, Critic-in-Residence
Subject: Supervision (master thesis), jury committee

2019-04 — 2019-05
McGill University School of Architecture, Instructor
Subject: Shaver Summer School - Architecture and landscapes of Norway (master course) with Annmarie Adams

2015-08 — 2018-12
McGill University School of Architecture, Instructor
Subject: ARCH303 Design and Construction (bachelor course)

2016-01 — 2016-08
École d’Architecture de l’Université de Montréal, Instructor
Subject: ARCH6813 Atelier avancé en production digitale (master course)

2015-06 — 2015-08
Confluence Institute for Innovation and Creative Strategies in Architecture, Instructor
Subject: ARCH441 Influence Confluence (master course) with Clothilde Caille-Levesque

(2023) Property, necessity and housing: reconsidering the situated right to a place to be
Architecture Philosophy, International Society for the Philosophy of Architecture [forthcoming]

(2023) First hard, then soft: domestic architecture and the future-ready value of plan flexibility
IDEA Journal, IDEA - The Interior Design/Interior Architecture Educators Association [forthcoming]

(2023) Earthly Matters, Earthy Visions: National Architecture Narratives and the Unsuspected Culture of Norwegian Rammed Earth Houses
Change Over Time, University of Pennsylvania Press [forthcoming]

(2021) Digital Mapping Series: chance re-materializing through the photometric eye
Cartographies of the Imagination, 108-111.

(2020) A home of one’s own. Philosophical considerations on the issue of housing
Bergen Open Research Archive, 1-97.

(2020) On correspondence: relating texts and images in the fashion magazine (space)
A Magazine Reader 05, Warehouse, 6-14.

Analysis report, Strategy for housing and city development, Hillevåg (3RW)
Urban development and landscape strategy, densification plan / 55 000 m² / Stavanger Kommune

Analysis report, Strategy for housing and city development, Larvik (3RW)
Urban development and landscape strategy, densification plan / 120 000 m² / Larvik Kommune

'Building Dignity', Landås Inkluderingssenter (3RW)
Refurbishment, pilot project on architecture and human rights / Bergen Kommune

Eidesneset 100; Ågotnes (3RW)
Passive house, refurbishment (driftsbygg) / 180 m² / Private client

Montana housing development and refurbishment, Landås (3RW)
Design of a new eco-village (80 units), refurbishment / 3000 m² / Eviny

Sentralbadet Scenekunsthus (3RW)
Competition design, Refurbishment / 5 000 m² / Bergen Kommune, Carte Blanche, BiT 

Stangeland Skole og Stangelandhallen (3RW)
Multi-use hall and elementary school for 700 students / 10 000 m² / Karmøy Kommune 

Analysis report, Strategy for housing and city development, Randaberg (3RW)
Urban development and landscape strategy, densification plan / 5 000 m² / Randaberg Kommune

Elderly Village Olsrød, Tonsberg (3RW)
Prototype, elderly residence for patients with dementia / 12 500 m² / Tonsberg Kommune

Feasibility study, Sognsveien 80-90, Oslo (3RW)
Urban development and landscape strategy, densification plan / 120 000 m² / Oslo Kommune

Fjelltun school, Jørpeland (3RW)
Protoype, elementary school / 10 000 m² / Strand Kommune

Feasibility Study, Mauranger (3RW)
Urban development and landscape strategy, densification plan / 8 km² / Kvinnherad Kommune

Feasibility Study, Hovinbyen (3RW)
Urban development and landscape strategy / 6.5 km / Oslo Kommune

Analysis report, Strategy for housing and city development, Strandtorget-Lilletorget (3RW)
Urban development and landscape strategy, densification plan / 650 000 m² / Lillehammer Kommune

SiT Student building (3RW)
Student center with housing, landscape strategy / 10 000 m² / SIT Ålesund

Feasibility Study Hjelle (3RW)
Urban development and landscape strategy, densification plan / 15 new buildings / Stryn Kommune

Area regulation plan, Midtmarka and Rotemyra, Flatøy (3RW)
Urban development and landscape strategy, densification plan / 1,000,000 m² (3000 housing units) / Meland Kommune

Spring 2023
King's College London, Department of Political Economy (Housing and Social Democratic Welfare: the Northern European Case); London, England

Fall 2022
Stockholm University, Department of Philosophy, Practical Philosophy (The Moral Demands of Equality in Aging Societies); Stockholm, Sweden

Fall 2022
University of Graz, Institute of Philosophy (Basic Needs and Intergenerational Climate Justice); Graz, Austria