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Espen Gamlund

Professor, Philosophy
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My work is primarily in ethics, moral and political philosophy. I am particularly interested in applied ethics. 

Currently, I am working on a project that investigates the relevance of badness of death to health priorities. I am editing a volume of papers together with Carl Tollef Solberg, Saving Lives from the Badness of Death, forthcoming on OUP.

Examen Philosophicum 

Moral Philosophy (FIL128/228/328)

Political Theory (FIL116/216/316)

Environmental Ethics (FIL106/236/336)

Introductory course to ethics (FIL227)

Tolerance and pluralism

Publications in English:

2017: ”Age, death, and the allocation of scarce healthcare resources”, in E. Gamlund & C. T. Solberg (eds) Saving Lives from the Badness of Death, Oxford University Press (forthcoming).

2017: (co-authored with C. T. Solberg) ”Introduction: Perspectives on death and its relevance for health priorities”, in E. Gamlund & C.T. Solberg (eds) Saving Lives from the Badness of Death, Oxford University Press (forthcoming).

2017: (co-authored with J. Millum, E. Ngamasana & C. T. Solberg) ”The valuation of deaths at different ages”, in O. F. Norheim et al. (eds) Global Health Priority-Setting: Beyond Cost-Effectiveness, Oxford University Press (forthcoming).

2016: "The Badness of Death and Priorities in Health" (co-authored with Carl Tollef Solberg), BMC Medical Ethics 17:21.

2016: "What is so important about completing lives? A critique of the modified youngest first principle of scarce resource allocation", Theoretical Medicince and Bioethics 37.2 (April): 113-128.

2014: "Ethical aspects of self-forgiveness", SATS Northern European Journal of Philosophy 15.2: 237-256.

2011: "Reconsidering Approaches to Moral Status" (co-authored with Kristian S. Ekeli), Ethics, Policy & Environment 14.3: 361-375.

2011: "Introduction to Confronting Environmental Values" (Guest editorial), Ethics, Policy & Environment 14.3: 307-312.

2011: “Forgiveness without Blame”, in C. Fricke (Ed), The Ethics of Forgiveness. Routledge Studies in Ethics and Moral Theory.

2011: “Living under the Guidance of Reason: Arne Naess`s interpretation of Spinoza”, Inquiry 54.1: 2-17.

2010: “Supererogatory Forgiveness”, Inquiry 53.6: 540 - 564.

2010: "The Duty to Forgive Repentant Wrongdoers", International Journal of Philosophical Studies 18.5: 651 - 671.

2007: “Who Has Moral Status in the Environment? A Spinozistic Answer”, The Trumpeter vol 23, nr 1: 3-27.

2007: “The Moral Basis of Vegetarianism,” in Matthias Kaiser and Marianne Lien (Eds), Ethics and the Politics of Food. Wageningen: Wageningen Academic Publishers, 123-128.

2006: “Arne Naess`s Humanistic Ethic,” The Trumpeter vol 22, nr 1: 104-117.

Publications in Norwegian:

2014: "Når er det verst å miste sitt liv? Relevansen av filosofiske grunnlagsteorier for helseprioriteringer", Norsk Filosofisk Tidsskrift nr. 3-4: 205-217. Co-authored with Carl Tollef Solberg.

2013: "Etiske perspektiver på dyr og natur", i Ragnhild Sollund, Morten Tønnessen og Guri Larsen (red.) Hvem er villest i landet her? Spartacus Forlag AS.

2012: "Hva er galt med dypøkologien? Noen kommentarer til Arne Næss' Økosofi T", Norsk Filosofisk Tidsskrift nr. 4: 229-244.

2007: “Klimaendringer, Fattigdom og Etikk”, RØST 1: 27-31.

2005: “Spinoza og Konfliktløsning. Et Frigjøringsperspektiv”, Norsk Filosofisk Tidsskrift vol 40, nr 1: 38-56.

2004: “Hvem har Moralsk Status i Naturen? Et Spinozistisk Argument” Parabel – tidsskrift for filosofi- og vitenskapsteori vol 7, nr 2: 41-68.

2003: “Kan Spinozas etikk forstås som interpersonlig og holistisk? Agora journal for metafysisk spekulasjon nr 2-3: 149-174.


Age and the wrongness of killing animals (article)

Liberalism, education and extremist illiberal and anti-democratic groups (article co-authored with Kristian Skagen Ekeli)

Book on death (Norwegian)


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