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Fabian Wilfried Hattke

Associate Professor
  • E-mailfabian.hattke@uib.no
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    Christies gates 15
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    Postboks 7802
    5020 Bergen

The aim of my research is to improve public sector organizations so they can provide a high quality of public goods. From a multi-level perspective, I investigate how institutional frameworks translate into administrative structures and processes, and how these organizational designs, in turn, influence the cognitions, emotions, and behaviors of civil servants and citizens.

Current research projects concern public leadership (e.g., how administrative leaders implement political reforms), administrative burden and red tape (e.g., how the "dark side" of bureaucracy affects the provision of public services), and implicit sector stereotypes (e.g., how citizens develop stereotypical images of public sector organizations). I further explore the potential of methods from computational linguistics and behavioral neuroscience for advancing public administration scholarship.

My works have received several awards, among them the Christopher Pollitt Prize of the International Research Society for Public Management (IRSPM), the Carlo Masini Award from the Public and Nonprofit Division of the Academy of Management (AoM), as well as honors from the German Academic Association for Business Research (VHB) for the Best Papers in Higher Education Management and in Public Management.

For more information, visit my profiles on ResearchGate, GoogleScholar, and ORCID.

Lectures and seminars

  • Political Organization & Multilevel Governance (GOV326)
  • Quantitative Research Methods (GOVG321)
  • Public Policy (GOV332)
  • Organized Crime and Criminal Networks (GOV360-1)
  • Methods in the Social Sciences (MET102)

Consultation and supervision

I am happy to answer any questions about the content of the courses, your assignments, your ideas for research projects, or if you are looking for a supervisor for your thesis. Just write me an e-mail or stop by my office.

Methods training

I am offering postgraduate methods courses for advanced students. For more information on methods courses, visit the websites of the PhD network and the annual International Research Workshop. Registration is required.

Executive teaching

I regularly teach in executive programs, for example, business management for legal practitioners or leadership training for agency leaders. Get in touch if you are interested in tailormade practitioner workshops at your organization.

Contributions in refereed journals

Redlbacher, F. & Hattke, F. (2024): How Virtual Meetings Stimulate Process Innovations in Organisations: Mixed-methods Evidence from Emergency Response Providers. Innovation: Organization & Management 26(1), 1-22. (link)

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Books and editorships

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Chapters in edited volumes, textbooks, and encyclopedias

Hattke, F. (2020): Institutionelle Bewertung von Forschungsleistungen: Qualitätsnachweis oder Evaluitis? In: I. M. Welpe, J. Stumpf-Wollersheim, & M. Prenzel (Eds.): Leistungsbewertung in Universitäten. DeGruyter: Berlin, 55-70. (link)

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