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Fanny Ekblom Johansson

PhD Candidate
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Glacial and paleoclimate variability using sediment core analysis and radar methods. 

Basic Earth Science, geov 101, geov 102 and geov110

Academic article
  • 2020. Lake sediments reveal large variations in flood frequency over the last 6,500 years in south-western Norway. Frontiers in Earth Science.
  • 2020. Glacier and ocean variability in Ata Sund, west Greenland, since 1400 CE. The Holocene.
Popular scientific lecture
  • 2019. The subglacial topography of Folgefonna.
  • 2019. Hva kan skje med norsk vannmagasin hvis breene våre smelter ned?
Academic lecture
  • 2020. Mapping the subglacial landscape of the Folgefonna ice caps, investigating future drainage patterns caused by shrinking glacier size.
  • 2019. A 6000-year record of mass-wasting and flooding reconstructed from sediments in the distal-glacier fed Lake Sandvinvatnet, southwest Norway.
  • 2019. 6500 år av flom vid insjön Sandvinvatnet i sydvästra Norge .
  • 2019. The subglacial topography of Sörfonna (Folgefonna), western Norway - first glimpse below the icecap!
  • 2019. Subglacial Landscape of Folgefonna (Norway) Indicate Significant Hydrological Changes in a Future Ice-free Environment.
  • 2019. Late Holocene IRD fluctuations in the fjord Ata Sund, West Greenland, record rapid glacier response to changes in water temperature .

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Working together with:

Geenland Margins: Glacial Ice, Ocean and Atmospheric Dynamics (MARGINS)

"Past and future dynamics of the Greenland Ice Sheet: what is the ocean hiding?" at the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland