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Fartein Hauan Nilsen

PhD Candidate

Fartein holds a master's degree in social anthropology from the University of Bergen. His research interests include New Religious Movements, Science and Religion, Transhumanism, digital technologies and immortality. 

As part of the the larger research project “Technoscientific Immortality: A study of Human Futures” at the University of Bergen, Fartein is currently working on a PhD-project which aims to examine the growing field of “digital immortality” technologies. The project, tentativly named "Ghosts in the machine: A study of 'digital immortality' technologies and their effects on conceptions of personhood, kinship, and life after death in the US", deploys ethnographic fieldwork, both digital and physical, to examine how people conceive of and interact with technologies designed to gather information on human behavioral patterns to simulate specific human personalities allowing for the prospect posthumous digital personhood.