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I graduated with a bachelor's in Environmental Sciences and a Master's in Geography from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. To date, I have focused on analysing the socioecological and ethical impacts of industrial agriculture and how grassroots innovations in agroecology can help overcome them. My current research aims to understand how diverse approaches to extended modes of science (e.g., post-normal science, transdiscipline, citizen science) understand and address power in their seek for epistemological inclusion.

Orozco-Meléndez, J. F., & Paneque-Gálvez, J. (2023). Co-producing uncomfortable, transdisciplinary, actionable knowledges against the corporate food regime through critical science approaches. Environment, Development andSustainability, 1-29.

Orozco-Meléndez, J. F., & Paneque-Gálvez, J. (2022). A role for grassroots innovation toward agroecological transitions in the Global South? Evidence from Mexico. Ecological Economics, 201, 107582.


Francisco’s current research focuses on the co-production of climate knowledge and adaptation strategies with vulnerable communities in different geographies and social contexts. His research aims to discuss how power relations and dynamics can be accounted for in different traditions of extended science to support the representation of marginalized worldviews and knowledge systems in fairer climate adaptation strategies.