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Research management and advice:

Expert evaluator for EU proposals

Pre-award research support

Develop and improve research management processes and routines

Train fellow research advisers

Train and coach early career scientists

Archive and analysis of research management data


Scientific expertise:

Marine Biogeochemistry

Marine Biotechnology

Microbial Ecology

Functional Microbiology


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Workshop Writing successful project proposals  (annually in November, since 2015)

Proposal Writing Class (annually in spring term, since 2018)

Workshop Proposal Evaluation (on demand)

Course Project Management (on demand)


BIO-318 (until autumn 2014)

GEOVI-344 (until spring 2012)

Academic article
  • 2020. Deep-sea sponge grounds as nutrient sinks: Denitrification is common in boreo-Arctic sponges. Biogeosciences. 1231-1245.
  • 2018. Impact of particulate sediment, bentonite and barite (oil-drilling waste) on net fluxes of oxygen and nitrogen in Arctic-boreal sponges. Environmental Pollution (1987). 948-958.
  • 2016. Ultraviolet radiation as a ballast water treatment strategy: Inactivation of phytoplankton measured with flow cytometry. Marine Pollution Bulletin. 270-275.
  • 2016. The relative abundance and transcriptional activity of marine sponge-associated microorganisms emphasizing groups involved in sulfur cycle. Microbial Ecology. 668-676.
  • 2016. Dual staining with CFDA-AM and SYTOX Blue in flow cytometry analysis of UV-irradiated Tetraselmis suecica to evaluate vitality . Aquatic Biology. 39-52.
  • 2014. Developmental gene expression provides clues to relationships between sponge and eumetazoan body plans. Nature Communications. 15 pages.
  • 2013. Relationships between host phylogeny, host type and bacterial community diversity in cold-water coral reef sponges. PLOS ONE.
  • 2012. Spatial scales of bacterial diversity in cold-water coral reef ecosystems. PLOS ONE.
  • 2012. Ammonia-oxidizing archaea as main drivers of nitrification in cold-water sponges. Environmental Microbiology. 909-923.
  • 2010. Heterogeneous oxygenation resulting from active and passive flow in two Mediterranean sponges, Dysidea avara and Chondrosia reniformis. Limnology and Oceanography. 1289-1300.
  • 2010. Evidence for nitrification and denitrification in high and low microbial abundance sponges. Marine Biology. 593-602.
  • 2009. Inter- and intra-habitat bacterial diversity associated with cold-water corals. The ISME Journal. 756-759.
  • 2009. Complex nitrogen cycling in the sponge Geodia barretti. Environmental Microbiology. 2228-2243.
  • 2013. Organisation of, introduction to, and moderation of side event: Side event: Shaping tomorrow's carbon cycle research: Knowledge gaps, international collaboration, and funding priorities.
Popular scientific lecture
  • 2013. Shaping tomorrow’s carbon cycle research.
  • 2012. Successful Marie Curie Proposals - the role of research administration and management.
Academic lecture
  • 2012. Micromonitor: A novel tool for biological monitoring of CO2 leakage from sub-seafloor storage sites.
  • 2012. BallastFlow - Fra idé til prosjekt med help fra TeknoVest.
Masters thesis
  • 2013. Geomicrobial descriptions of an abandoned well and a seafloor fracture (Hugin Fracture) in the North Sea.
Doctoral dissertation
  • 2016. Flow cytometry detection of phytoplankton in UV disinfected water. Implications for ballast water treatment and analysis.
Academic chapter/article/Conference paper
  • 2011. Sponges (Porifera) and Sponge Microbes. 8 pages.
  • 2014. Potential environmental impacts of CO2 leakage from sub-seafloor CO2 Storage sites.
  • 2013. Potential environmental impacts of CO2 leakage from sub-seafloor CO2 storage sites.
  • 2013. Microbial and geochemical characterization of the Hugin fracture and an abandoned well in the Sleipner field.
  • 2013. CARBOCHANGE - Changes in Carbon uptake and emissions by oceans in a changing climate.
  • 2012. Effects of CO2 leakage on seafloor life over a CO2 storage site, -a laboratory model.
  • 2012. Changes in carbon uptake and emissions by oceans in a changing climate - CARBOCHANGE.
  • 2011. CARBOCHANGE - changes in carbon uptake and emissions by oceans in a changing climate. Large-scale integrating collaborative project, March 2011-February 2015.
  • 2011. CARBOCHANGE - changes in carbon uptake and emissions by oceans in a changing climate.
  • 2013. EU funded research on the Carbon Cycle.
  • 2013. CARBOCHANGE - Changes in carbon uptake and emissions by oceans in a changing climate. Project information flyer, 2nd edition.
  • 2012. CARBOCHANGE - Changes in carbon uptake and emissions by oceans in a changing climate. Project information flyer. EU FP7 Collaborative project, Large-Scale Integrating Project.

More information in national current research information system (CRIStin)


Publications before 2009 (not in CRISTIN)


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