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Gregory Duane

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    5020 BERGEN
Academic article
  • Duane, Gregory. 2018. Tunneling through bridges: Bohmian non-locality from higher-derivative gravity. Physics Letters A. 1-7.
  • Selten, Frank M; Schevenhoven, Francine Janneke; Duane, Gregory. 2017. Simulating climate with a synchronization-based supermodel. Chaos.
  • Shen, Mao-Lin; Keenlyside, Noel; Bhatt, Bhuwan Chandra; Duane, Gregory. 2017. Role of atmosphere-ocean interactions in supermodeling the tropical Pacific climate. Chaos.
  • Shen, Mao-Lin; Keenlyside, Noel; Selten, Frank; Wiegerinck, Wim; Duane, Gregory. 2016. Dynamically combining climate models to "supermodel" the tropical Pacific. Geophysical Research Letters. 359-366.
  • Duane, Gregory. 2015. Synchronicity from synchronized chaos. Entropy. 1701-1733.
Academic chapter/article/Conference paper
  • Duane, Gregory; Wiegerinck, Wim; Selten, Frank; Shen, Mao-Lin; Keenlyside, Noel. 2018. Supermodeling: Synchronization of Alternative Dynamical Models of a Single Objective Process. 21 pages.
  • Keenlyside, Noel; Shen, Mao-Lin; Selten, Frank; Wiegerinck, Wim; Duane, Gregory. 2015. Climate change projection with reduced model systematic error over tropical Pacific.
Academic literature review
  • Duane, Gregory; Grabow, Carsten; Selten, Frank; Ghil, Michael. 2017. Introduction to focus issue: Synchronization in large networks and continuous media - Data, models, and supermodels. 1-10.

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