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Gunnar Sælen

Associate Professor
  • E-mailGunnar.Saelen@uib.no
  • Phone+47 55 58 33 95
  • Visitor Address
    Realfagbygget, Allégt. 41
  • Postal Address
    Postboks 7803
    5020 Bergen
Journal articles
  • Rotevatn, Atle; Thorsheim, Elin; Bastesen, Eivind; Fossmark, Heidi Synnøve Solli; Torabi, Anita; Sælen, Gunnar. 2016. Sequential growth of deformation bands in carbonate grainstones in the hangingwall of an active growth fault: Implications for deformation mechanisms in different tectonic regimes. Journal of Structural Geology. 90: 27-47. doi: 10.1016/j.jsg.2016.07.003
  • Sælen, Gunnar; Lunde, Ingelin Løkling; Porten, Kristin Walderhaug; Braga, Juan C.; Dundas, Siv Hjorth; Ninnemann, Ulysses S; Ronen, Yuval; Talbot, Michael Richard. 2016. Oyster shells as recorders of short-term oscillations of salinity and temperature during deposition of coral bioherms and reefs in the miocene lorca basin, se Spain. Journal of Sedimentary Research. 86: 637-667. doi: 10.2110/jsr.2016.18
  • Gennaro, Matteo; Wonham, Jonathan P.; Gawthorpe, Robert; Sælen, Gunnar. 2013. Seismic stratigraphy of the chalk group in the Norwegian central graben, North Sea. Marine and Petroleum Geology. 45: 236-266. doi: 10.1016/j.marpetgeo.2013.04.010
  • Gennaro, Matteo; Wonham, Jonathan P.; Sælen, Gunnar; Walgenwitz, Frederic; Caline, Bruno; Faÿ-Gomord, Ophelie. 2013. Characterization of dense zones within the Danian chalks of the Ekofisk Field, Norwegian North Sea. Petroleum Geoscience. 19: 39-64. doi: 10.1144/petgeo2012-013
  • Braga, Juan C.; Martin, José M.; Aguirre, Julio; Baird, Catherine Daae; Grunnaleite, Ivar; Jensen, Niels Bo; Puga-Bernabéu, Angel; Sælen, Gunnar; Talbot, Michael Richard. 2010. Middle-Miocene (Serravallian) temperate carbonates in a seaway connecting the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea (North Betic Strait, S Spain). Sedimentary Geology. 225: 19-33. doi: 10.1016/j.sedgeo.2010.01.003
  • Larsen, Belinda; Gudmundsson, August; Grunnaleite, Ivar; Sælen, Gunnar; Talbot, Michael Richard; Buckley, Simon John. 2010. Effects of sedimentary interfaces on fracture pattern, linkage, and cluster formation in peritidal carbonate rocks. Marine and Petroleum Geology. 27: 1531-1550. doi: 10.1016/j.marpetgeo.2010.03.011
  • Saberi, Mohammad Reza; Johansen, Tor Arne; Sælen, Gunnar. 2010. Rock physics interpolation used for velocity modeling of chalks: Ontong Java Plateau Example. Open Geology Journal. 4: 67-85. doi: 10.2174/1874262901004010062

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