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Hans Jørgen Gåsemyr

Postdoctoral fellow
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China-focused research and teaching

Research areas
Chinese politics and society (state-society, organizations, welfare and economy, international relations) 

Op-ed media articles, public and thematic lectures, frequent media interviews.

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Sampol222 Chinese Politics and Society (fall 2017)

Other contributions such as lectures to various courses and presentations


Gåsemyr, Hans Jørgen (2015): "Twenty Years of Mobilising around AIDS in China: The Main Actors and Influences behind Organisational Growth." Asian Studies Review, Volume 39, Issue 4, pp. 609-626.

Gåsemyr, Hans Jørgen (online Feb 2017): "Navigation, Circumvention and Brokerage: The Tricks in the Trade of Developing NGOs in China." The China Quarterly, publication date March 2017.

Gåsemyr, Hans Jørgen (2016): "Gir det mening å sammenlikne arbeidsmigrasjon og velferd i Europa og Kina?" (Does it make sense to compare work migration and welfare in Europe and China?), (commentary article, in Norwegian). Norsk statsvitenskapelig tidsskrift, Volume 32, Issue 2, pp. 197-206.

Gåsemyr, Hans Jørgen (2016): "Networks and Campaigns but Not Movements: Collective Action in the Disciplining Chinese State", Journal of Civil Society, Volume 12, Issue 4, pp. 394-410.

Gåsemyr, Hans Jørgen (in review): "International Support to Civil Society in China: Breaking New Ground through Informal Institutions." 

Gåsemyr, Hans Jørgen (in review): "Building NGO-Government Relations within Authoritarian Constraints: The Case of Selective Cooperation Around AIDS in China."


Gåsemyr, Hans Jørgen and Tor Midtbø: Perceptions of Inequality and Power Disparity in China: Trends Toward more Critical Opinions? Paper presented at the Nordic Association of China Studies conference in June 2015.  

Gåsemyr, Hans Jørgen and Tor Midtbø: Communist Party Members and Their Attitudes towards Inequality and Redistribution in China. Paper presented at Nordic Center, Fudan University, seminar in October 2015. 


Gåsemyr, Hans Jørgen (2017): Kina mot og med Trump, Dagens Næringsliv, 19. januar.
Gåsemyr, Hans Jørgen (2016): Den nye femårsplanen: tiltak, aktører og utfordringer, i Norsk klimastiftelse, Kinas grønne revolusjon, rapport 4/2016.
Gåsemyr, Hans Jørgen (2016): Fem kritiske år for Kina, Dagens Næringsliv, 12 March.
Gåsemyr, Hans Jørgen (2014): Norge prøvde å gå mot strømmen, NRK Ytring, 10 September.
Gåsemyr, Hans Jørgen (2014): Nye Kina viser muskler, Bergens Tidende, 16 March.
Gåsemyr, Hans Jørgen (2014): Ukraina sett fra Asia, Aftenposten, 6 March.
Gåsemyr, Hans Jørgen (2013): På sporet av den kinesiske drømmen, Bergens Tidende, 3 June.
Gåsemyr, Hans Jørgen (2012): Sju tøffe menn får tøff jobb, Bergens Tidende, 17 November.

Journal articles
  • Gåsemyr, Hans Jørgen; Sverdrup-Thygeson, Bjørnar. 2018. Chinese belts and roads stir mixed reactions in Europe. The Interpreter. Published 2018-04-19.
  • Gåsemyr, Hans Jørgen. 2017. Alle for Xi og Xi for partiet. Dagens næringsliv. Published 2017-10-26.
  • Gåsemyr, Hans Jørgen. 2017. Kina for og mot Trump. Dagens næringsliv. Published 2017-01-17.
  • Gåsemyr, Hans Jørgen. 2017. Mer enn laks og menneskerettigheter. NRK Ytring. Published 2017-04-05.
  • Gåsemyr, Hans Jørgen. 2017. Navigation, circumvention and brokerage: the tricks of the trade of developing NGOs in China. The China Quarterly. 229: 86-106. doi: 10.1017/S0305741016001557
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  • Gåsemyr, Hans Jørgen; Kuhnle, Stein. 2013. Velferd i Kina: Verdens største velferdsreform skal løfte landet. Bergens Tidende. 2 pages. Published 2013-06-05.
Reports and theses
  • Gåsemyr, Hans Jørgen. 2018. China and Multilateral Development Banks: Positions, Motivations, Ambitions. Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, Oslo. 31 pages.
  • Gåsemyr, Hans Jørgen. 2016. Kinas nye femårsplan: tiltak, aktører og utfordringer. Norsk klimastiftelse, Bergen. 6 pages.
  • Gåsemyr, Hans Jørgen. 2015. Non-governmental participation within authoritarian constraints: Twenty years of organizational growthand institutional developmentaround AIDS in China. Universitetet i Bergen. 236 pages.
Book sections
  • Gåsemyr, Hans Jørgen. 2018. Political values in Norway’s relations with China: Standing ground or giving in? Norway, pages 63-66. In:
    • Rühlig, Tim Nicholas; Jerdén, Björn; van der Putten, Frans-Paul; Seaman, John; Otero-Iglesias, Miguel; Ekman, Alice. 2018. Political values in Europe-China relations. The European Think-tank Network on China, Stockholm, Sweden. 100 pages.
  • Gåsemyr, Hans Jørgen; Sverdrup-Thygeson, Bjørnar. 2017. Chinese Investments in Norway: A Typical Case Despite Special Circumstances. Kapittel, pages 101-109. In:
    • Seaman, John; Huotari, Mikko; Otero-Iglesias, Miguel. 2017. Chinese Investment in Europe: A Country-Level Approach. ETNC. 172 pages.

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China-focused research, teching and advice

Research areas
Chinese politics and society (state-society, organizations, welfare and economy, international relations) 

Norwegian, English, Chinese mandarin - native or fluent
German - basic

"Social Security and Social Services Reforms and the Evolving Role of Non-state Actors". Postdoctoral project.

"Sino-Nordic Dialogues". Project located at Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI).

"Towards a Chinese Welfare State: Chinese Perceptions of Distributive Justice". In collaboration with Fafo and other Chinese and international partners. Financed by the Research Council of Norway.