Mari Bergsvåg's picture

Mari Bergsvåg

Senior Executive Officer, Communication Consultant

Sars International Centre for Marine Molecular Biology

  • +47 55 58 43 43


Brith Olsen Theil Bergum's picture

Brith Olsen Theil Bergum

Senior Engineer, Daily manager of the Flow Cytometry Core Facility

Department of Clinical Science

  • +47 911 20 554


Camilla Bernt's picture

Camilla Bernt

Professor, Leader of the research group for Civil Procedure and Dispute Resolution

Faculty of Law

  • +47 55 58 95 07


Inga Berre's picture

Inga Berre

Professor, Director VISTA Center for Modeling of Coupled Subsurface Dynamics

Department of Mathematics

  • +47 55 58 28 56


Kathrin Beyer's picture

Kathrin Beyer

Specialist Dentist, PhD kandidat og spesialistkandidat i periodonti

Department of Clinical Dentistry

  • +47 55 58 65 56


Tarkan Aslan Bilge's picture

Tarkan Aslan Bilge

Head Engineer, Software development and data management in Climate Prediction

Geophysical Institute


Hilary Helen Birks's picture

Hilary Helen Birks

Professor Emeritus, Professor Emerita in Quaternary Palaeoecology and Palaeoclimate Research at the Department of Biology and at the Bjerknes Centre of Climate Research. Visiting Professor Emerita at the Environmental Change Research Centre, University College London.

Department of Biological Sciences (BIO)

  • +47 55 58 33 25