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Hasan Muhammad Baniamin

Researcher, Forsker
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2. Hasan Muhammad Baniamin, and Ishtiaq Jamil. (2018). "Institutional design for credence goods: Can the existence of financial incentive be problematic? Evidences from childbirth system of Bangladesh." International Journal of Public Administration, 41(14): 1192-1203.

3. Hasan Muhammad Baniamin and Ishtiaq Jamil.(2018). "Dynamics of corruption and citizens’ trust in anti-corruption agencies in three South Asian countries." Public Organization Review, 18(3): 381-398.

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Hasan Muhammad Baniamin has a PhD from the Department of Administration and Organization Theory, University of Bergen, Norway. The title of Baniamin's PhD research is "Relationships among Governance Quality, Institutional Performance, and (Dis)Trust: Trends and Tensions: A Quest for Critical Ingredients of Institutional Trust".

Currently, he is working as a researcher at the Center for Research on Discretion and Paternalism at the same department. Here, he is working on child welfare. His research interests include public opinions and attitudes study, legitimacy and trust, e-governance, corruption, health policy, institutional performance, local governance; and he has published articles on these issues in different journals such as Public Organization Review, International Political Science Review, and International Journal of Public Administration.