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Hege Beate Stein Helland

PhD Candidate
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PhD-candidate at the research project "The Acceptability of Child Protection Interventions: A Cross-Country Analysis" with project "Adoption in the best interest of the child: A study of paternalism and the normative boundaries for legitimate welfare state intervention in England and Norway"

Researcher at the research project "Adoption as a Child Welfare Measure". The final report from the project is avaliable here: Adopsjon som barneverntiltak.

Helland, H.B.S., Kriz, K., Sánchez-Cabezu, S.S. & Skivenes, M. (In press). Are there Population Biases against Migrant Children? An Experimental Analysis of Attitudes towards Corporal Punishment in Austria, Norway and Spain. Children and youth services review 2017 

  • Helland, Hege Beate Stein; Skivenes, Marit. 2019. Barns rett til familieliv. Dagbladet. 62-63. Published 2019-02-23.
  • Helland, Hege Stein; Eek-Larsen, Kaja; Holm, Lisette; Juhasz, Ida Benedicte; Læret, Oda Krogh; McEwan-Strand, Amy; Pedersen, Siri Hansen; Ruiken, Barbara; Storm, Marie Topaas; Sætre, Hilde Svrljuga; Skivenes, Marit; Sørsdal, Line Marie; Øvstetun, Vilde Tøfte. 2019. Mot et Barneperspektiv i Barnevernet: En studie av implementeringen av programmet Mitt Liv Barnevern. Centre for Research on Discretion and Paternalism (UiB), Bergen. 53 pages.
  • Skivenes, Marit; Helland, Hege Beate Stein. 2019. Rapport: Adopsjon som barneverntiltak. Centre for Research on Discretion and Paternalism, Bergen. 303 pages.
  • Skivenes, Marit; Helland, Hege Stein. 2019. Adopsjon som barneverntiltak. Fosterhjemskontakt : tidsskrift om fosterhjemsarbeid. 2019: 2-7.
  • Enroos, Rosi; Helland, Hege Beate Stein; Pösö, Tarja; Skivenes, Marit; Tonheim, Milfrid. 2017. The role and function of spokesperson in care order proceedings: A cross-country study in Finland and Norway. Children and youth services review. 74: 8-16. doi: 10.1016/j.childyouth.2017.01.017
  • Helland, Hege Beate Stein; Kriz, Katrin; Sánchez-Cabezu, Sagrario Segado; Skivenes, Marit. 2017. Are there population biases against migrant children? An experimental analysis of attitudes towards corporal punishment in Austria, Norway and Spain. Children and youth services review. 85: 151-157. doi: 10.1016/j.childyouth.2017.12.012

More information in national current research information system (CRIStin)

Master's Degree in Sociology (2015) with thesis "Den sosialt og geografisk strukturerte mobiliteten: Ei kvantitativ analyse av samanhengen mellom geografisk opphav, geografisk mobilitet og utdannings- og klassemobilitet i Vestlandsregionen for fødselskohortane 1955 og 1960" [The socially and geographically structured mobility: A quantitative analysis of the relationship between geographic origin, geographic mobility and education- and class mobility in the [Norwegian] Western region for birth cohorts 1955 and 1960].


  • Researcher at the research project "Adoption as a Child Welfare Measure". The project aims to examine how laws on adoption are being implemented and practiced in the front line and in the courts. The project aims to create a knowledge base that can contribute to the proper use of adoption as child welfare measure, and also shed light on best practices and identify factors that can help decision-makers to consider measures for children in long-term placements. The project is funded by The Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs and runs from November 2016 to December 2018.