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Hege Beate Stein Helland

PhD Candidate
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PhD-candidate at the research project "The Acceptability of Child Protection Interventions: A Cross-Country Analysis" with project "Adoption in the best interest of the child: A study of paternalism and the normative boundaries for legitimate welfare state intervention in England and Norway"

Researcher at the research project "Adoption as a Child Welfare Measure". The final report from the project is avaliable here: Adopsjon som barneverntiltak.

Helland, H.B.S., Kriz, K., Sánchez-Cabezu, S.S. & Skivenes, M. (In press). Are there Population Biases against Migrant Children? An Experimental Analysis of Attitudes towards Corporal Punishment in Austria, Norway and Spain. Children and youth services review 2017 

Master's Degree in Sociology (2015) with thesis "Den sosialt og geografisk strukturerte mobiliteten: Ei kvantitativ analyse av samanhengen mellom geografisk opphav, geografisk mobilitet og utdannings- og klassemobilitet i Vestlandsregionen for fødselskohortane 1955 og 1960" [The socially and geographically structured mobility: A quantitative analysis of the relationship between geographic origin, geographic mobility and education- and class mobility in the [Norwegian] Western region for birth cohorts 1955 and 1960].


  • Researcher at the research project "Adoption as a Child Welfare Measure". The project aims to examine how laws on adoption are being implemented and practiced in the front line and in the courts. The project aims to create a knowledge base that can contribute to the proper use of adoption as child welfare measure, and also shed light on best practices and identify factors that can help decision-makers to consider measures for children in long-term placements. The project is funded by The Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs and runs from November 2016 to December 2018.