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Natasja Lykke Corfixen

Helena Marie Doherty Midtbø

PhD Candidate

I am studying the immunological response of Atlantic salmon towards salmon louse. I am characterising salivary gland proteins of salmon louse, and study how they affect immune cells of salmon. I use methods such as in situ hybdridisation, RNAi, recombinant proteins, leucocyte isolation and sorting of leucocytes with mangetic beads and flow cytometry. 

MOL221 Experimental Molecular Biology I

MOL300 Practical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

ModuLus project 

Main supervisor: Aina-Cathrine Øvergård 

Co-supervisors: Gyri Teien Haugland, Renate Hvidsten Skoge, Sindre Grotmol 

BSc Biotechnology specialized in Molecular Biology, Norwegian university of science and technology, Trondheim

Exchange: Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

MSc Biomedical Science specialized in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, University of Western Australia