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Helge Renå

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    Magnus Lagabøtesplass 1
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    5020 BERGEN

Currently working on:

i) "The Norwegian police, 1994-2015", which is a working package in the interdisciplinary 4-year research project entitled Norsk politiretshistorie. The end product of the project will be a book series of four volumes. I am responsible for the fourth volume, which covers the time period 1994-2015.

ii) Book project (in Norwegian) on Organizing and crisis management, with the police and "22/7" as a case.

iii) Book project (in English) on the multidimensional role of time in Crisis Coordination.

  • Renå, Helge. 2019. Radiointervju.
  • Johansen, Per Anders; Foss, Andreas Bakke; Renå, Helge. 2019. Minuttene som forsvant. Derfor kom politiet for sent frem til Utøya.
  • Renå, Helge; Christensen, Johan. 2019. Learning from crisis: The role of enquiry commissions. Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management.

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