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- Exploration geophysics and petroleum geophysics

- Solid Earth physics (earthquake seismology, seismic wave propagation and inversion, gravity etc.)

- Geothermal energy

- Environmental geophysics

Geov112 (physics of the solid Earth) and Geov219 (computational methods in geophysics)

Besides this I have been involved in Geov111 (geophysical methods) and Geov113 (reflection seismics; data acquisition and processing).

Peer reviewed journals:

18. Moghaddam, P., H. Keers, F. Herrmann, W. Mulder, A new optimization approach for source-encoding full-waveform inversion, Geophysics, 78, R125-R132, 2013.

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 Conference papers (since 1998)


26. Cristiano L., A Minakov, T. Meier, H. Keers, Observation and modeling of azimuthal anistropy in the lower crust, EGU meeting, 2014.

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Reports and white papers:


Keers, H. (one of 15 co-authors), EPOS white paper for the Arctic Observing Summit, Vancouver, Canada, 2013.

Keers, H (one of 13 co-authors), European Plate Observing System: An European large scale infrastructure initiative for solid Earth science observations, Norwegian White Paper, 2012.

Feighner, M. A., R. Gritto, T. M. Daley, H. Keers, E. L. Majer, Three-Dimensional Seismic Imaging of the Ryepatch Geothermal Reservoir, Earth Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Report LBNL-44119, 1999.

Keers, H., K. Vogfjord, G. Nolet, F. A. Dahlen, High Frequency Propagation of Crustal Waves, Proceedings of the 18th Annual Seismic Research Symposium on Monitoring a Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, 196-202, 1996.

Keers, H., K. Vogfjord, G. Nolet, F. A. Dahlen, Effect of Explosion Depth and Crustal Heterogeneity on Lg  Waves, Proceedings of the 17th Annual Seismic Research Symposium on Monitoring a Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, 895-902, 1995.



Schlumberger/WesternGeco, UK and Norway, 2000-2007

Postdoc, Berkeley, USA, 1997-2000

PhD Geophysics, Princeton, USA, 1997

MSc Geophysics, Princeton, USA, 1994

BSc Geophysics, Utrecht, the Netherlands, 1991

Bergen-Berkeley Seismology consortium (2013-2014)

Research groups