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Ignacio Herrera Anchustegui

Associate Professor
  • E-mailIgnacio.Herrera-Anchustegui@uib.no
  • Phone+47 55 58 39 20+47 450 01 201
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    Magnus Lagabøtes plass 1. 5010 Bergen. Norway.
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    Postboks 7806
    5020 BERGEN

I am a Researcher at the Faculty of Law of the University of Bergen, and member of the Bergen Center for Competition Law & Economics (BECCLE) and Bergen Offshore Wind Centre (BOW). My research interests are connected with the regulation of energy markets with a special emphasis on the regulation of offshore wind electricity. Also, I have devoted a good part of my academic career to market and competition issues in the field of public procurement and buyer power.

I obtained my PhD from the University of Bergen with a thesis entitled "Buyer Power in EU Competition Law" (2012-2017), financed by the Norwegian Research Council.

My PhD dissertation won the prestigious “2017 Concurrences PhD Award” to the best PhD dissertation in the field of competition law or economics of the year, awarded by Concurrences. In addition to the award, the thesis has been published by Concurrences as a monograph and it is available here.

Also, I received the Meltzerprisen for yngre forskere 2017 for my academic research and significant contributions to EU/EEA market law scholarship.

Currently, I am working on a research project financed by Statoil through the AkademiaAvtalen entitled "Regulating energy markets, a perspective from EEA/EU Competition and Public Procurement Law" (2017-2019). As part of this research project I have been awarded the prestigious International Scholar-in-Residence scholarship by the American Bar Association, which allowed me visit the US for a period of almost four months and carry our research in the comparative regulation of transmission unbundling infrastructures in electricity markets while being a visiting researcher at Georgetown Law Center, D.C., and the School of Law of the University of Wisconsin.

If you are interested in some of my work, please visit my SSRN site.


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Reports and theses
  • Gjendemsjø, Ronny; Herrera Anchustegui, Ignacio. 2017. Utredning av muligheten for å etablere en inngrepshjemmel mot ensidige handlinger i verdikjeden for mat som ikke rammes av konkurranseloven § 11 / Unilateral Behaviors Below Dominance and Unfair Purchasing Practices: A Comparative Perspective. Nærings- og Fiskeridepartementet, Oslo. 68 pages.
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