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Ingrid Halland is an architecture historian and art critic. At the University of Bergen, she teaches 20th century architecture history and theory, as well as contemporary art theory, politics of aesthetics, and art historiography. 

She is associate professor II at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design where she teaches at the PhD programme.​ 

Her research interests include: art and architecture from the 1960s and 1970s, contemporary art theory, material histories (in particular plastic, concrete, titanium dioxide), cybernetics/systems theory, environmental humaneties, continental philosophy/aesthetics, exhibition history, and museology.

Her academic work is published in journals such as Log, Journal of Design History, Arkitektur N, Kunst og kultur and Journal Nordic Museology, and her work as an art critic is published in art magazines, museum catalogues, and artist books.

New book: Ung Uro: Unsettling Climates in Nordic Art, Architecture & Design (Cappelen Damm Akademisk, 2021)

I supervise MA projects in architectural history, design history, art from the 20th century, contemporary art, museology, art theory and art historiography.

Teaching autumn of 2021

KUN146 Comtemporary Art, Architecture and Visual Culture

KUN259 Major Course in Art History with Bachelor's Thesis

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Academic lecture
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Doctoral dissertation
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Academic chapter/article/Conference paper
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Art exhibition
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Popular scientific chapter/article
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Article in business/trade/industry journal
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Interview Journal
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