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Ingrid Margrethe Halvorsen Barlund

Postdoctoral fellow
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    Magnus Lagabøtesplass 1
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    5020 BERGEN
Academic article
  • 2020. ESA som tilsynsmyndigheit av finansielle teneste i den indre marknad. Lov og Rett. 261-273.
  • 2020. Commitment Decisions within EU and EEA Competition Law – AThreat to Judicial Review and Effective Private Enforcement? Tidsskrift for forretningsjus. 121-147.
  • 2014. Kor fritt står nasjonale styresmakter til å regulere eigen konkurranse i den indre marknad? Tidsskrift for forretningsjus.
Academic lecture
  • 2017. "Enforcement of cartel arrangements within EU competition law - With emphasis on leniency in its interaction with fines and damages actions.".
  • 2017. "Connecting the dots. The performance of leniency in the interaction of public and private enforcement of cartel arrangements within EU competition law. Legal parameters and the importance of deterrence".
  • 2016. "The relationship between the Commission's leniency regime and the Directive on damages regarding breach of the competition rules (Directive 2014/104/EU)".
  • 2016. "The Relationship between the Commission's Leniency Programme and the Directive on Damages Concerning Breach of the Competition Rules".
  • 2015. 'The relationship between the Commission’s leniency programme and the Directive on damages regarding breach of the competition rules'.
  • 2015. 'The Commission’s leniency programme within EU competition law - With emphasis on the regulatory framework, scope and effects of the Commission’s leniency programme as a public enforcement instrument of cartels, and the interplay with private enforcement through damages claims following infringements of the competition rules'.
Academic monograph
  • 2020. Leniency in EU Competition Law.
Doctoral dissertation
  • 2019. A Legal Analysis of Leniency in the Interaction of Public and Private Cartel Enforcement within EU Competition Law.
Academic chapter/article/Conference paper
  • 2020. Norway. 15 pages.
  • 2019. Criminalization of Cartels within EU Competition Law. 12 pages.
  • 2016. "National report on private enforcement of European competition law in Norway". 830 pages.

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