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Researcher , Senior Researcher & Theme Leader, SLATE, https://slate.uib.no/
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  • 2016. The Room of Opportunity. Understanding how knowledge and ideas are constructed in multidisciplinary groups working with developing innovative ideas.
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  • 2020. OPPkvikker - faglig frokostmøte med Universitetet i Bergen.
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 Project 1: “The Room of Opportunity” – understanding creative knowledge processes in groups working with innovation

This project aims to develop knowledge about how groups in knowledge intensive organizations communicate and interact while working with innovation. The main research question for this project is: What characterizes the creative knowledge processes in groups working with innovation? The design of this study is qualitative, and the material is collected by open observations, focus group interview and individual qualitative interviews, focusing on how members of the innovative groups communicate and interact while creating new ideas. The findings are interpreted and discussed using socio-cultural theory and concepts on knowledge.


Project 2: Orchestration of creative knowledge processes in different learning contexts


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