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I have studied landscapes and resource utilization in rural areas in the Viking Age and the Middle Ages – also connected to trade and urban societies. Thematically, my research focus has mainly been on quarries and large-scale production aimed at long-distance trade, and forms of transaction, markets and different types of networks have got attention – both within and outside of urban societies. My work is in this way also connected to trade hubs and early urbanization. In order to understand the finds – both production landscapes and artefacts – they are studied within a societal context where social, economic and socio-political relations within a long-term perspective are being analyzed. I have also studied archaeological material and landscapes from an actor perspective, where I mainly have focused upon different actors and their choices and actions in relation to structural powers in the society, and the impact of both social and physical structures upon the humans. My work is largely based on my own fieldwork, on development of methodology and interdisciplinary cooperation with geology.  

Academic article
  • 2018. The beginning of the Viking Age in the West. Journal of Maritime Archaeology. 38 pages.
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  • 2014. Delimitation of the nominated properties and the buffer zone.
  • 2013. Arkeologi+Geologi=Sant. Erfaringer fra et tverrfaglig forskningsprosjekt.
Popular scientific lecture
  • 2019. Trønderske bryner gir ny kunnskap om handel og plyndringar i vikingtid.
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  • 2005. Stein som handelsvare.
Academic lecture
  • 2019. Gulatinget sett i eit arkeologisk lys.
  • 2019. Borgund’s role in national distribution networks for the trade in-, and consumption of Norwegian whetstones.
  • 2019. A world of stone – distribution and trade of whetstones in the Viking Age and the Middle Ages .
  • 2018. Vikings in Ireland and their influence on Scandinavian society.
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  • 2005. Soapstone artefacts from Kaupang.
Other presentation
  • 2018. Treasures from the Grave: exploring Irish Norse connections through artefacts in the University Museum of Bergen.
Book review
  • 2015. Bokanmelding: Live Johannesen og Jan-Erik G. Eriksson (Red.) Faglig program for middelalderarkeologi. Byer, sakrale steder, befestninger og borger. Riksantikvaren. Primitive tider. 55-58.
Academic anthology/Conference proceedings
  • 2015. Nordic Middle Ages - Artefacts, Landscapes and Society. Essays in Honour of Ingvild Øye on her 70th Birthday. Universitetet i Bergen.
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Academic monograph
  • 2015. Quarrying in Western Norway. An archaeological study of production and distribution in the Viking period and Middle Ages.
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Popular scientific article
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Doctoral dissertation
  • 2013. Quarrying in Western Norway – An archaeological study of production and distribution in the Viking period and the Middle Ages.
  • 2019. UiB-forskarar har funne ut kvifor vikingane reiste vestover.
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Programme participation
  • 2019. God ettermiddag Sogn og Fjordane. Distriktsprogram - NRK Sogn og Fjordane. .
  • 2019. Det umulige landet.
  • 2015. Museum. Vanlige folk i middelalderen.
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Academic chapter/article/Conference paper
  • 2018. Foodways, traditions and identity: Bakestones in the North Atlantic. 17 pages.
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Museum exhibition
  • 2014. Den historiske Vestlandskysten.
  • 2018. Stone crosses in Norway – manifestation of power and Christianity?
  • 2018. Reformation before 1537? Transition of ecclesiastical property in Norway into the hands of the nobility. .
  • 2015. Stone for Bread and Church.
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More information in national current research information system (CRIStin)

WHEPP the Whetstone Provenancing Project. The aim  is to explore AD 1st–9th-century trade routes and networks involving the western Scandinavian Peninsula. This will be achieved by provenancing whetstones retrieved from well-dated archaeological sites in Scandinavia, in the Baltic, and along the southern North Sea and English Channel coasts. This is an interdisciplinary and interinstitutionally collaboration between UiB, UiO and NGU - as well as some foreign researchers that ara attached to parts of the project. 

The Borgund Kaupang Project. Life and death of a small town in the periphery of Europe. The aim of the project is to study Borgund’s role in national distribution networks for the trade in-, and consumption ofNorwegian hones: Was Borgund a hub in a trade network for Norwegian hones? And what were the hones used for at Borgund? C. 400 hones from Borgund will be classified and the stones identified using archaeological classificationmethods and different geological analyses. Øystein J. Jansen at the University Museum of Bergen is a collaboration partner in the project. https://app.cristin.no/projects/show.jsf?id=647273.