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Jan Haavik, MD, dr. med. is professor of biomedicine and senior consultant in psychiatry at Haukeland University hospital.He received training as medical doctor and specialization in adult psychiatry.  He has a doctoral degree in biochemistry and has been investigating molecular mechanisms involved in cancer, metabolic diseases, as well as neurological and psychiatric disorders. He has mainly been working in Norway, interspersed with research stays in Sweden, Scotland, Germany, France, USA and The Netherlands. He is involved in several local, national and international collaborative studies and welcomes new collaborations.


In 2004, Haavik started the interdisciplinary research project "ADHD: from clinical characterization to molecular mechanisms", that has resulted in new insights and been influential for practical diagnostics and treatment of patients with ADHD in Norway. He is currently leading the Neurotargeting Research Group at University of Bergen and the interdisciplinary Center for Neuropsychiatric Disorders, with partners from the university hospital and UiB. 

Haavik has received several research awards, including the Helse Vest award in 2016 and has been member of the Norwegian Academy of Sciences since 2018.






MED3 Third semester medicine

BMED340 Cellular and molecular neuroscience

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Jan Haavik completed his medical education at the University of Bergen in 1983. As a student, he started his research career in biochemistry, biophysics and molecular biology. He conducted a tour of Bergen and the municipalities of Agder, graduated from the University of Bergen in 1989, and was employed as a professor, 34, at the present Institute of Biomedicine in 1993. In the period 1986-2014 he had nine shorter and longer research stays at outstanding research institutions in Sweden, Scotland, Germany, France, the United States and the Netherlands. From 2002 he has had a 20% position as a general practitioner in psychiatry, first at Øyane DPS and later at Kronstad DPS, both affiliated with Helse Bergen.