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Jan Stokkebekk

PhD Candidate, (External ) /PhD Candidate In Family Therapy at Bergen and Vicinity Family Counselling Office
  • E-mailJan.Stokkebekk@uib.no
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    Alrek helseklynge, Årstadveien 17
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    Postboks 7807
    5020 Bergen
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Strengthening children with parents in ongoing conflict: a qualitative exploration of child and parent view on family life, coping and resiliency of interparental conflict (2017-2021) PhD Candidate Jan Stokkebekk

Jan Stokkebekk is a Clinical Social Worker and Family Therapist with a professional master degree in Systemic Family Therapy (MFSP). He is a candidate in family therapy at Bergen and Vicinity Family Counselling Office and is affiliated to the research group Child welfare, Equality and Social Inclusion at the Depart.of health promotion and development. He is exploring separated household families with parents in high and long term conflict participating in family therapy. The aim of his PhD project is to gain knowledge about children’s and parents’ experience of living in a conflicted two household families and to contribute to increase the quality of services to children in high conflict households.  Empirical material will be generated through semi-structured interviews of children and parents before and after 6 months of therapy. The research questions are: 1. How do children experience their well-being, coping and resiliency of living in two households with parents in high conflict, told from a child and parents perspective?, 2. How do parents in high conflict view their coping and contribution to child and family resilience?, 3. How do children and parent`s, in conflicted families, experience being in a family therapy setting aimed to promote well-being and family resilience. The main supervisor is Professor Anette Christine Iversen, Dept. of Health promotion and development. Co-supervisors are Associate Professor Ragnhild Hollekim, Dept. of Health Promotion and Development, and Professor Ottar Ness, from NTNU.