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Jeanette Samuelsen

PhD Candidate
Academic article
  • Samuelsen, Jeanette; Chen, Weiqin; Wasson, Barbara. 2019. Integrating multiple data sources for learning analytics—review of literature. Research and Practice in Technology Enhanced Learning (RPTL). 1-20.
  • Samuelsen, Jeanette. 2018. Scalable higher education learning analytics architecture through data integration. CEUR Workshop Proceedings. 1-6.
Academic lecture
  • Samuelsen, Jeanette; Chen, Weiqin; Wasson, Barbara. 2018. Supporting Assessment Through a Semantic Web Approach to Integration of Multiple Data Sources.
  • Samuelsen, Jeanette. 2018. Scalable Higher Education Learning Analytics Architecture through Data Integration.
Academic chapter/article/Conference paper
  • Samuelsen, Jeanette; Khalil, Mohammad. 2020. Study Effort and Student Success: A MOOC Case Study. 12 pages.
  • Chen, Weiqin; Samuelsen, Jeanette. 2015. Automatic Quiz Generation for the Elderly. 8 pages.
  • Samuelsen, Jeanette; Khalil, Mohammad. 2018. Study effort and student success: a MOOC case study (Poster).
  • Samuelsen, Jeanette; Chen, Weiqin. 2017. Looking at learning at larger scales.

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