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My main research interest is the role of well-being as justification in ethical and legal argumentation processes, especially in the context of raising and educating children. My work focuses on the use of well-being and beneficence as justifications for limitations to personal liberties and I am particularly interested in bioethics as it relates to social justice and policy-making, esp. in the context of vulnerable groups.

Academic article
  • Burns, Kenneth; Kriz, Katrin; Krutzinna, Jenny; Luhamaa, Katre; Meysen, Thomas; Pösö, Tarja; Segado, Sagrario; Skivenes, Marit; Thoburn, June. 2019. The Hidden Proceedings – An Analysis of Accountability of Child Protection Adoption Proceedings in Eight European Jurisdictions. European Journal of Comparative Law and Governance. 339-371.
  • Krutzinna, Jenny; Taddeo, Mariarosaria; Floridi, Luciano. 2018. Enabling Posthumous Medical Data Donation: An Appeal for the Ethical Utilisation of Personal Health Data. Science and Engineering Ethics.
  • Krutzinna, Jenny; Floridi, Luciano. 2018. Atypical employment and disability in the digital economy: accountability gap leaves disabled app developers’ rights unprotected. Law, Innovation and Technology.
  • Krutzinna, Jenny; Nygård, Sveinung; Gianella, Camila; Ó Cathaoir, Katharina Eva. 2018. Children’s Right to Health: Childhood obesity.
  • Skivenes, Marit; Krutzinna, Jenny; Luhamaa, Katre; Burns, Kenneth; Kalliomaa-Puha, Laura; Höjer, Staffan; O’Mahony, Conor; Dóra, Lajkó; Sloth-Nielsen, Julia. 2018. Children's Right to Child Friendly Justice.
Academic lecture
  • Breen, Claire; Krutzinna, Jenny; Luhamaa, Katre; Skivenes, Marit Sissel Irene. 2019. The Child’s Right to Family Life. An analysis of the European Court of Human Rights’ reasoning on adoption without consent.
  • Krutzinna, Jenny. 2019. Giving yourself? Reflections on the ethics of data donation in healthcare.
  • Krutzinna, Jenny. 2019. Ethical issues in Big Data for NCD risk factor surveillance.
  • Krutzinna, Jenny. 2019. "Best interests at the edge of medicine: Conceptualising the individual child in child protection interventions".
  • Krutzinna, Jenny; Skivenes, Marit. 2018. Justifying Removals of Newborn Babies: A Cross-Country Analysis of Judiciary Decision Makers Reasoning of Parental Capacities .
Short communication
  • Krutzinna, Jenny; Skivenes, Marit Sissel Irene; Thoburn, June. 2019. Acceptability of family court decision-making in eight jurisdictions. Family Law. 867-869.
Academic anthology/Conference proceedings
  • Krutzinna, Jenny; Floridi, Luciano. 2019. The Ethics of Medical Data Donation. Springer.
Academic chapter/article/Conference paper
  • Krutzinna, Jenny. 2019. Shaping Children: The Pursuit of Normalcy in Pediatric Cognitive Neuro-enhancement. 14 pages.
  • Krutzinna, Jenny; Floridi, Luciano. 2019. Ethical Medical Data Donation: A Pressing Issue. 6 pages.
  • Krutzinna, Jenny; Taddeo, Mariarosaria; Floridi, Luciano. 2019. Enabling Posthumous Medical Data Donation: A Plea for the Ethical Utilisation of Personal Health Data. 18 pages.
  • Krutzinna, Jenny; Taddeo, Mariarosaria; Floridi, Luciano. 2019. An Ethical Code for Posthumous Medical Data Donation. 15 pages.

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