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Grieg Research School in Interdisciplinary Music Studies

MUF101 / Musikk, kultur og samfunn (15 stp.)

MUTP104 / Musikkering (Musicking) (10 stp.)

MUTP302 / Musikkterapeutisk improvisasjon (15 stp.)

MUTP312 / Musikkterapeutisk forskingsmetode (15 stp.)

MUTP360 / Masteroppgåve i musikkterapi (60 stp.).

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Journal articles
  • Sivertsen, Sveinung Sundfør; Halstead, Jill; Slaattelid, Rasmus Tore. 2018. Moral Tuning: A cross-disciplinary study of musical metaphors in Adam Smith’s Theory of Moral Sentiments, and what they tell us about individual moral autonomy. Metaphilosophy. 49: 435-458. doi: 10.1111/meta.12319
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Book sections
  • Rolvsjord, Randi; Hjørnevik, Jill Diana Halstead. 2020. Body politics and the performance of gender in music therapy. In:
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Artistic production
  • Halstead, Jill. 2018. Ive Lost You Only To Discover I Have Gone Missing.
  • Halstead, Jill. 2017. Embodied Signatures: A short film exploring "What moves us?".
  • Halstead, Jill. 2017. I Can't Find Myself (3 Minute Edit).
  • Halstead, Jill. 2017. Ive Lost You Only to Discover I Have Gone Missing. Original composition for 4 dancers: Performances May, November and December 2017.
  • Halstead, Jill. 2015. I Can´t Find Myself: A short film capturing the experience of Dementia through Dance Theatre and Music.
  • Hjornevik, Jill Diana Halstead. 2014. Remix.repeat.reinvent: Original multi-media project, performed at Pure Gold Music Festival.
  • Hjørnevik, Jill Diana Halstead. 2013. Becoming Bodies: A 37 minute screen dance ScienceArt collaboration.
  • Hjørnevik, Jill Diana Halstead. 2012. Your Story Calls Me: A 15 minute film and photographic exhibition featuring ten autobiographical performances of loss and grief.

More information in national current research information system (CRIStin)

Socially Engaged Arts (SEA) 2017-2018. Funded by strategiske forskningsmidler KMD faculty, UIB.

This project aims to explore the meeting points and divergences of a range of art forms and practices which engage with social and political imperatives through collaborative, participatory and inclusive ways of working.  

Shared Moments.  2017-2018 

The quality of the relationship as outcome predictor in music therapy with children with autism spectrum disorder


Embodiment, Movement, Sound  2016-2019

New Monograph to be submitted to Music and Change: Ecological Perspectives book series published by Routledge.