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Joachim Søreng Bjørge

Journal articles
  • Bjørge, Joachim Søreng; Bjørkheim, Svein Arne; Log, Maria-Monika Metallinou; Log, Torgrim; Frette, Øyvind. 2019. Influence of Acetone and Sodium Chloride Additives on Cooling Efficiency of Water Droplets Impinging onto Hot Metal Surfaces. Energies. 12. 16 pages. doi: 10.3390/en12122358
  • Bjørge, Joachim Søreng; Gunnarshaug, Amalie; Log, Torgrim; Metallinou, Maria-Monika. 2018. Study of Industrial Grade Thermal Insulation as Passive Fire Protection up to 1200 °C. Safety. 4. 18 pages. doi: 10.3390/safety4030041
  • Bjørge, Joachim Søreng; Metallinou, Maria-Monika; Log, Torgrim; Frette, Øyvind. 2018. Method for measuring cooling efficiency of water droplets impinging onto hot metal discs. Applied Sciences. 8. 16 pages. Published 2018-06-09. doi: 10.3390/app8060953
  • Bjørge, Joachim Søreng; Metallinou, Maria-Monika; Kraaijeveld, Arjen; Log, Torgrim. 2017. Small Scale Hydrocarbon Fire Test Concept. Technologies. 5. 14 pages. Published 2017-10-13. doi: 10.3390/technologies5040072

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