Housed at SLATE (Centre for the Science and Learning of Technology). My work concerns investigating and developing new methodologies for approaching experience of virtual worlds. Also interested in contributing thereotically to potsphenomenological perspectives on how VR mediates various realities. Beyond working on my dissertation, I run the research- and philosophy blog Matrise, where I discuss concepts of Virtual Reality related to Philosophy on Consciousness and Experience.

Gjesteforeleser og koordinator: INFO134.
Gjesteforeleser: INFO262.

Academic article
  • Vindenes, Joakim; Wasson, Barbara; de Gortari, Angelica Beatriz Ortiz. 2018. Mnemosyne: Adapting the Method of Loci to Immersive Virtual Reality. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS). 205-213.
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Popular scientific lecture
  • Vindenes, Joakim. 2018. VR Experiments at the University of Bergen: Journalistic Prototypes.
  • Vindenes, Joakim. 2018. Trene hukommelsen med Virtual Reality?
  • Vindenes, Joakim. 2018. Hvordan kan vi øke hukommelsen vår med VR-teknologi?
Academic lecture
  • Vindenes, Joakim. 2018. Innovation Pedagogy for VR Journalism.
  • Vindenes, Joakim. 2018. Authenticity in Virtual Reality.
  • Vindenes, Joakim. 2018. 360 video for less affluent news organizations .
Academic chapter/article/Conference paper
  • Nyre, Lars; Vindenes, Joakim. 2020. Immersive Journalism as Witnessing.
  • Vindenes, Joakim; Gynnild, Astrid. 2020. Case Study Euronews: A low-cost approach to Immersive Storytelling.
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  • Vindenes, Joakim. 2018. Mnemosyne: Adapting the Method of Loci to Immersive Virtual Reality.

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Vindenes J., de Gortari A.O., Wasson B. (2018) Mnemosyne: Adapting the Method of Loci to Immersive Virtual Reality. In: De Paolis L., Bourdot P. (eds) Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Computer Graphics. AVR 2018. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 10850. Springer, Cham.