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In my project, I want to analyze the experience of Jewish women immigrants within the historical context of gender relations and sexuality in Argentina, in a specific time framework and through the lens of different Jewish organizations and the state of Argentina.This study seeks to make a systematic examination of the understanding of the female psyche, body, and sexuality through a setting that defined the women’s behaviors as social and medical pathologies.

My proposed research moves the role of the body and the corporal being to the center of analysis, an approach that is not yet widespread among those studying immigrant ethnicity in Latin America. Using contemporary feminist theory as a tool for studying Latin American history will offer a new perspective on and approach to the discourse of diaspora experiences of female bodies that highlights issues such as gender, sexuality, transnationalism, identity, (dis)ability, mental health, and psychiatry. Analyzing this socially marginalized group of people – immigrant Jewish women - allows us to focus on more inclusive understanding of women’s history, and how the larger society attempted to manage them.