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Johannes Wiest

PhD Candidate , Science library until 31.03.2017; PhD candidate Department of Earth Science
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The role of core complexes in the tectonic evolution of SW Norway and the northern North Sea

In large parts of the Norwegian continental shelf, core complexes played an important role for passive margin evolution and the formation of long-lived structural highs. Yet, their role has not been clarified south of the Western Gneiss Region.

In this project we are going to investigate the role of core-complex formation for the tectonic evolution of SW Norway and the northern North Sea. To do this, we will combine field mapping, structural analysis and integrated geo-thermochronology of dome-shaped basement culminations in the area between Sognefjorden and Hardangerfjorden. We will apply a suite of established as well as advanced geo-thermochronological methods (e.g. zircon double dating) on samples from the pre-Caledonian basement and its metamorphic cover, Devonian sedimentary basin substrate as well as crystalline rocks from structural highs in the North Sea rift. This will allow us to establish the exhumation history of different tectonic units in SW Norway, including a source-to-sink perspective.

The results from this study will help us to understand how inherited, dome-shaped basement structures influenced fault evolution, sedimentary basin formation and the distribution of petroleum resources in the northern North Sea.

Academic article
  • 2019. Deep Crustal Flow Within Postorogenic Metamorphic Core Complexes: Insights From the Southern Western Gneiss Region of Norway. Tectonics. 4267-4289.
  • 2017. Sveconorwegian vs. Caledonian orogenesis in the eastern Øygarden Complex, SW Norway – Geochronology, structural constraints and tectonic implications. Precambrian Research. 1-18.
Academic lecture
  • 2019. Shearing, folding and retrogression during exhumation of the southernmost culmination of the Western Gneiss Region, Gulen, SW Norway.
  • 2019. Post-orogenic exhumation of metamorphic core complexes in the SW Scandinavian Caledonides – A comparison of structures and processes.
  • 2018. Metamorphic core complexes and the legacy of fixism vs. mobilism debate.
  • 2017. The tectonomagmatic evolution of the eastern Øygarden Complex, Bergen, SW Norway.
  • 2020. Ductile to brittle structural framework of the Nordfjord area, Western Norway.
  • 2019. Ductile structures in basement windows of the SW Scandinavian Caledonides and their potential for brittle reactivation.
  • 2018. Crustal structure and post-collisional exhumation of the Øygarden Complex, SW Norway Caledonides.

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