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John-Wilhelm Flattun

Academic Librarian, Subject Specialist for English, Art History and Theatre Studies
  • Late medieval art
  • Rhetoric and propaganda
  • Art and propaganda
  • Art and power
  • King Arthur studies
  • Dragons
  • Early Modern Drama
  • Law and literature
  • Digital humanities
  • Medieval art and literature
  • English Medieval and Renaissance literature
  • Metaphor and allegory studies
  • Comparative literature
  • Information literacy

Ongoing research project

Power of Art and Memory: Propaganda and Mythmaking in early Tudor Hero Iconography

  • Advanced 
  • Use of digital archives in research
  • Social media for research purposes
  • Digital archives and resources for literary studies
  • Digital archieves and resources for history of art studies
Journal articles
  • Flattun, John-Wilhelm. 2018. Review, Luke Morgan. The Monster in the Garden: The Grotesque and the Gigantic in Renaissance Landscape Design. U Penn Press, 2016. Early Modern Culture Online.
  • Flattun, John-Wilhelm. 2016. A Note on Backswords in Thomas Middleton. Notes and Queries. 63: 533-533. doi: /10.1093/notesj/gjw187
  • Vinje, John-Wilhelm. 2011. Thomas Middleton’s Legal Duel: A Cognitive Approach. Early Modern Culture Online. 2: 43-54.
  • Vinje, John-Wilhelm Flattun. 2007. Fuseli's Bottom and The 'Barberini Faun'. Notes and Queries. 54: 283-285. doi: 10.1093/notesj/gjm154
Reports and theses
  • Vøllestad, Nina Køpke; Fretland, Jan Olav; Fuglseth, Anna Mette; Habib, Laurence Marie Anna; Malterud, Nina; Ringdal, Ole; Skretting, Kathrine; Vinje, John-Wilhelm. 2012. Én ph.d.‐grad for fremtidens behov?Kunnskap, ferdigheter, generell kompetanseInnstilling fra en arbeidsgruppe oppnevnt av UHRs styre i samarbeid med Forskningsutvalget. Universitets- og høgskolerådet, Oslo. 45 pages.
  • Vinje, John-Wilhelm. 2008. An Echo of Chaos: A Search for Order in John Webster. 106 pages.

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Power of Art and Memory: Propaganda and Mythmaking in early Tudor Hero Iconography (Project description and log on ResearchGate)