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Jon Thomassen Hestetun

NORCE, Uni Research Miljø - Molekylær økologi
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    Thormøhlensgt. 55, 3. etasje
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    5020 Bergen

In my current position as a PhD student at the University of Bergen I am working with a unique group of sponges with a carnivorous feeding strategy rather than filter feeding. The project comprises several different methodological approaches including “classical” morphological taxonomy and systematics as well as the use of molecular data for phylogenetic analysis. Using NGS data I am also looking into relationships between carnivorous sponges and bacterial symbionts, especially in connection with vent and seep systems.

More broadly I have worked with mollusk, poriferan and macroalgal taxonomy and have a background as scientific personnel and project manager at the environmental services company Uni Environment, doing marine and littoral zone field work, sampling, collection, sorting, analysis and presentation of results of environmental surveys conducted on behalf of public and private clients.

As part of my current position I have been involved in teaching courses in general and marine zoology, phycology, and marine methods, including the littoral zone.