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Jon Vidar Helvik

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Head supervisor: BIO370 Cell- and developmental biology; MAR350 Advanced aquaculture

Helvik JV, Rødahl E, Drivenes, O and Haarr L  (2009)  Identification and Characterization of Two Zebrafish Nectin-1 Genes That Are Differentially Expressed in the Developing Eye and Brain Developmental dynamics 238(1): 43-55


Xiao-Feng Z, Fjose A, Larsen N, Helvik JV and Drivenes O (2008) Treatment with small interfering RNA affects the microRNA pathway and causes unspecific defects in zebrafish embryos FEBS Journal 275(9) 2177-2184


Hoppmann V, Wu JJ, Søviknes AM, Helvik JV, and Becker, TS. (2008). Expression of the eight AMPA Receptor Subunit Genes in the Developing Central Nervous System and Sensory Organs of Zebrafish Developmental Dynamics J237(3):788-799


Karlsen, M., Nylund, A., Watanabe, K., Helvik, J.V., Nylund, S. and Plarre, H. (2008) Characterization of ‘Candidatus Clavochlamydia salmonicola’: an intracellular bacterium infecting salmonid fish. Environmental Microbiology 10 (1), 208–218


Kamisaka, Y., Drivenes, Ø., Kurokawa, T., Tagawa, M., Rønnestad, I., Tanaka, M., and  Helvik, J.V. (2005) Cholecystokinin mRNA in Atlantic herring, Clupea harengus - molecular cloning, characterization, and distribution in the digestive tract during the early life stages PEPTIDES 26 (3): 385-393

Jon Vidar Helvik holds a MSc in Fisheries Biology (1988) and a PhD also in Fisheries Biology from UoB