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Julie Gjørtz Howden

PhD Candidate
  • E-mailJulie.Howden@uib.no
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    Magnus Lagabøtesplass 1
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    Postboks 7806
    5020 BERGEN
  • Howden, Julie Gjørtz. 2019. The Community of Interest Approach in International Water Law. A Legal Framework for Common Management of International Watercourses. Universitetet i Bergen.
  • Finska, Linda; Howden, Julie Gjørtz. 2018. Troubled waters - Where is the bridge? Confronting marine plastic pollution from international watercourses. Review of European, Comparative and International Environmental Law. 27: 245-253. doi: 10.1111/reel.12257
  • Howden, Julie Gjørtz; Ituarte-Lima, Claudia. 2017. Realizing the human right to water: time to rethink the legal architecture? United Nations Research Institute for Social Development.
  • Howden, Julie Gjørtz. 2016. Communities of Interest in the Nordic Management of International Watercourses. Nordic Journal of International Law. 85: 348-367. doi: 10.1163/15718107-08504005
  • Gjørtz Howden, Julie. 2015. Aspects of Sovereignty and the Evolving Regimes of Transboundary Water Management. Nordisk miljörättslig tidskrift. 7: 43-57.
  • Gjørtz Howden, Julie. 2015. Reconciling Sovereignty with Supranationality: A Lesson from the Nordic Countries. Chapter 11, pages 251-272. In:
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  • Gjørtz Howden, Julie. 2014. Hvem eier vannet? NRK Ytring. Published 2014-05-22.
  • Gjørtz Howden, Julie. 2014. Economy and Ecology in the Law of International Watercourses. VII, pages 427-440. In:
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The Community of Interest in the Management of International Watercourses