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Justin Wettstein

Associate Professor
Academic article
  • 2019. Suppressed eddy driving during southward excursions of the North Atlantic jet on synoptic to seasonal time scales. Atmospheric Science Letters.
  • 2019. Reducing climate model biases by exploring parameter space with large ensembles of climate model simulations and statistical emulation. Geoscientific Model Development. 3017-3043.
  • 2019. Nonstationary environmental and community relationships in the North Pacific Ocean. Ecology. 1-8.
  • 2018. Reassessing Sea Ice Drift and Its Relationship to Long‐Term Arctic Sea Ice Loss in Coupled Climate Models. Journal of Climate. 4338-4359.
  • 2018. Non-stationary climate-salmon relationships in the Gulf of Alaska. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Biological Sciences.
  • 2018. Midlatitude atmospheric circulation responses under 1.5°C and 2.0°C warming and implications for regional impacts. Earth System Dynamics. 359-382.
  • 2018. Impact of Arctic sea ice variations on winter temperature anomalies in northern hemispheric land areas. Climate Dynamics. 1-27.
  • 2018. Abrupt ice-age shifts in southern westerly winds and Antarctic climate forced from the north. Nature. 681-685.
  • 2016. Observed atmospheric coupling between Barents Sea ice and the warm-Arctic cold-Siberian anomaly pattern. Journal of Climate. 495-511.
  • 2016. North Atlantic storm-track sensitivity to projected sea surface temperature: Local versus remote influences. Journal of Climate. 6973-6991.
  • 2012. Thermally-driven and eddy-driven jet variability in reanalysis. Journal of Climate. 1587-1596.
  • 2011. The key role of topography in altering North Atlantic atmospheric circulation during the last glacial period. Climate of the Past.
  • 2011. Coherent Region-, Species-, and Frequency-Dependent Local Climate Signals in Northern Hemisphere Tree-Ring Widths. Journal of Climate. 5998-6012.
  • 2010. Patterns of wintertime jet stream variability and their relation to the storm tracks. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences. 1361-1381.
  • 2010. Observed Patterns of Month-to-Month Storm-Track Variability and Their Relationship to the Background Flow. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences. 1420-1437.
  • 2009. Changes in atmospheric variability in a glacial climate and the impacts on proxy data: a model intercomparison. Climate of the Past. 489-502.
  • 2017. The link between eddy-driven jet variability and weather regimes in the North Atlantic-European sector.
  • 2017. Barents Sea observations and a 1-D fully coupled energy budget.
  • 2016. Synoptic view of latitudinal shifts in the North Atlantic eddy-driven jet stream.
  • 2016. Jet variability in three dimensions.
  • 2015. Differences between Low-frequency Jet and Pressure Variability in the Extratropical Troposphere.
  • 2013. Investigating the link between Barents Sea ice and cold Siberian winters.
Popular scientific lecture
  • 2009. The Evolution and Persistence of Anomalies in Atmospheric Jets Associated with Baroclinic Wave Forcing.
Academic lecture
  • 2019. Observed Atmospheric Coupling between Barents Sea Ice and the Warm-Arctic Cold-Siberian Anomaly Pattern.
  • 2017. Is the open Barents Sea a hotspot for generating teleconnections?
  • 2017. Impact of Arctic sea ice variations on winter temperature anomalies in northern hemisphere land areas in multi-model ensemble simulations.
  • 2014. Barents sea – a hotspot for Eurasian teleconnection patterns?
  • 2012. Linking jet variability and jet driving processes in the midlatitudes (oral presentation).
  • 2010. Eddy-driven and subtropically-influenced jet variability structures in the observed three-dimensional wind field.
  • 2010. Eddy-driven and Subtropically-influenced Jet Variability Structures in the Observed Three-dimensional Zonal Wind Field.
  • 2009. Understanding linkages between largescale variability modes and storminess.
  • 2009. Toward interpreting familiar patterns of atmospheric variability: Subtropical versus eddy-driven jets.
  • 2009. Theory versus (a) Model: Exploring Atmospheric Circulation Changes from Cold to Warm Climates.
  • 2009. Extratropical atmospheric teleconnections in a range of climates.
  • 2009. Baroclinic Waves in the Atmospheric General Circulation.
  • 2009. Baroclinic Waves in the Atmospheric General Circulation.
  • 2009. Atmospheric wave-mean flow interactions and the 3-D structure of jet variability.
  • 2009. Atmospheric Variability in a Glacial Climate: Model Intercomparison and Lessons for Interpreting Proxy Data.
  • 2008. Storms and the NAM (NAO), PNA and SAM: A dance between coherent climate modes or just alphabet soup?
  • 2008. Storm Track Variability and its Relationship to (Forcing of?) the Dominant Climate Variability Patterns.
  • 2008. Observed modes of storm track variability and their relationship to the background flow on daily and monthly time scales.
  • 2008. Large-scale flow variability in glacial and greenhouse climates.
  • 2008. Are we Missing a Dynamical Climate Feedback?
Popular scientific article
  • 2010. Hvilke prosesser styrer klimavariasjonene? Klima. 36-38.
  • 2015. Differences between Jet and Pressure Variability in the Extratropical Troposphere.
  • 2014. Tropical Diabatic Heating and its Influence on the Extratropical Jets during Winter .
  • 2014. The three-dimensional structure of thermally and eddy-driven midlatitude jet variability.
  • 2012. The threedimensional structure of thermal and eddy driven eddy-mean flow interactions.
  • 2011. Storm track-jet interactions in the midlatitudes: Thermally-driven and eddy-driven jet variability in reanalysis.
  • 2011. Altering climate variability patterns via modified wave-mean flow interactions.
  • 2009. Storm Track Variability and its Interaction with the Background Flow on Daily, Interannual and Climate Change Time Scales.
  • 2009. Patterns of Jet Stream Wintertime Variability and their Relation to the Storm Tracks.
  • 2009. Are we missing a positive (dynamic) climate feedback?
  • 2008. Storm Tracks and Large-scale Flow Variability from Warm to Cold Climates.
  • 2008. Modes of Storm Track Variability and their Interactions with the Background Flow on Interannual and Daily Time Scales.
  • 2008. Fundamental Modes of Storm Track Variability and their Interaction with (Forcing of) the Background Flow over a Wide Range of Time Scales.

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