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Justine Siegwald

PhD Candidate, PhD candidate

Systematics and biogeography of Scaphander (Cephalaspidea)


Little is known about marine biodiversity and speciation in the deep sea.

In my PhD project, we use Scaphander (Gastropoda, Cephalaspidea), a globally distributed and predominantely deep-sea genus, as a model group. We aim to revise the systematics of Scaphander and to establish a dated, global phylogeny for this genus, so as to understand its historical biogeographic patterns and drivers of speciation.

Academic article
  • Show author(s) (2022). A global phylogeny of the deep-sea gastropod family Scaphandridae (Heterobranchia: Cephalaspidea): Redefinition and generic classification. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution.
  • Show author(s) (2020). A new species of the deep-sea genus Scaphander (Gastropoda, Cephalaspidea) from the Mar del Plata submarine canyon off Argentina. Bulletin of marine science. 111-126.

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