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Katharina Bischof

Ph.d.-kandidat, PhD student
  • E-mailKatharina.Bischof@uib.no
  • Phone+47 55 97 42 00
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    Jonas Lies Vei 72
    5053 Bergen
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    Postboks 7804
    5020 Bergen

Born 1981 in Austria, M.D. and now a PhD candidate in the Salvesen group. Her researchfocus is on identifying biomarkers in ovarian cancer, which can predict response to standard chemotherapy regimens.

Academic article
  • Bischof, Katharina; Knappskog, Stian; Hjelle, Sigrun Margrethe; Stefansson, Ingunn; Woie, Kathrine; Salvesen, Helga; Gjertsen, Bjørn Tore; Bjørge, Line. 2019. Influence of p53 isoform expression on survival in high-grade serous ovarian cancers. Scientific Reports. 1-11.
  • Bischof, Katharina; Knappskog, Stian; Stefansson, Ingunn; McCormack, Emmet; Trovik, Jone; Werner, Henrica Maria Johanna; Woie, Kathrine; Gjertsen, Bjørn Tore; Bjørge, Line. 2018. High expression of the p53 isoform ? is associated with reduced progression-free survival in uterine serous carcinoma. BMC Cancer. 1-10.
  • Helland, Øystein; Popa, Mihaela Lucia; Bischof, Katharina; Gjertsen, Bjørn Tore; McCormack, Emmet; Bjørge, Line. 2016. The HDACi panobinostat shows growth inhibition both in vitro and in a bioluminescent orthotopic surgical xenograft model of ovarian cancer. PLOS ONE.
Doctoral dissertation
  • Bischof, Katharina. 2019. Rethinking Gynecological High- Grade Serous Carcinoma. Portraying the p53 isoform landscape and development of a new preclinical for optical imaging in xenograft models.

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