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Katrine Mellingen Bjerke

Assistant Professor
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Transnational aging in Norway
This PHD project explores, from a bottom up perspective, how elderly immigrants perceive of aging in Norway and how they experience and relate to the public welfare and care regime in Norway.  It will explore elderly immigrants expectations when it comes to old age in Norway, their practices when aging occurs and  how they go about covering their assistance needs both formally (within the public welfare system) and informally (within the family and/or the community in which they are part of). The project has two main interrelated foci which are expectations, perceptions and attitudes toward aging in Norway and the Norwegian care regime on one hand, and everyday practices in old age on the other hand.
Among migrants facing old age in Norway today I have chosen two groups, immigrants with a Pakistani and immigrants with a Polish background. The project aims at a comparison between immigrants from within Europe and from outside of Europe.