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Kazi Alam

Postdoctoral Fellow
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    Jonas Lies vei 91
    5009 Bergen
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    5020 Bergen

1. KA Alam, OA Gani, RA Engh - Journal of Molecular Recognition, 2021. Inhibitor binding to mutants of protein kinase A with GGGxxG and GxGxxA glycine‐rich loop motifs

2. BS Lauber, LA Hardegger, AK Asraful, BA Lund… - Chemistry–A European Journal, 2016. Addressing the glycine‐rich loop of protein kinases by a multi‐facetted interaction network: inhibition of PKA and a PKB mimic

3. T Ivan, E Enkvist, B Viira, GB Manoharan, G Raidaru… - Bioconjugate Chemistry, 2016. Bifunctional ligands for inhibition of tight-binding protein–protein interactions.

4. OA Gani, B Thakkar, D Narayanan, KA Alam… - Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Proteins and …, 2015. Assessing protein kinase target similarity: Comparing sequence, structure, and cheminformatics approaches.

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