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Kimberley Joanne Hatfield

Researcher, Researcher
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  • Phone+47 55 97 30 37
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    Haukeland universitetssykehus, Laboratoriebygget
    5009 Bergen
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    5020 Bergen

The main research aim is to characterize metabolic phenotypes of human leukemia cells, and investigate how metabolic pathways may be implicated in the development of cancer cells`drug resistance.
Additional research interests include the contribution of the microenvironment in acute myeloid leukemia (AML); in particular how leukemia cells are influenced by stromal cells and chemokines, and how leukemia cells adapt to changes in oxygen levels and nutrient availability.

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Bergen Research Foundation funded project: Characterization of metabolic phenotypes and signaling pathways in acute myeloid leukemia and their role in anti-leukemia treatment.