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Since 2008 I have been engaged in research on the governance of technoscience and large-scale ICT systems, in the European Union and nationally in Norway. I have been the main instigator and principal researcher of two FP7 projects (TECHNOLIFE, EPINET) and one Horizon 2020 project (CANDID), dealing with technologies such as biometrics, human enhancements, Geographical Imaging Systems, and autonomous robotics, and from 2021, I will be leading the RCN-funded project CoPol: Covid-19 tracing as Digital Politics. I am the academic coordinator of the Master's program in  Sustainability and interdisciplinarity at the University of Bergen.

Drawing on philosophy (hermeneutics, pragmatics) and science and technology studies, my research takes an interpretative approach to governance of science and technology. This includes the main following aspects: their public-legitimatory role as providers of public meaning, especially as the sciences seem to become increasingly conflated with main policy agendas (from climate change and energy through to security and health care); the relations between technoscientific policy agendas with their imagined publics under increased pressure to innovate and address societal challenges; finally, I have focused on the role of different kinds of expertise, such as ethics, law and technology assessments, and lately also so-called Responsible Research and Innovation, as ways of addressing increasingly policy-driven and (“grand”) challenges-oriented interdisciplinary research.

Many of my publications turn around concepts such as autonomy, privacy, responsibility and democracy, and the ways in which these become mutually transformed and co-produced with changes in the technosciences. Lately, this also includes an interest in how such ethical-legal-political concepts become matters of risk management and engineering in fields such as data protection and social robotics. 

I have practical experience with a number of deliberative formats, such as online forums, workshop methodologies and public engagements. I have a broad experience in interacting with policy makers, publics, civil society, researchers and regulators, including also broad media experience.




Previous communication

I am the coordinator of and teach in the Master in sustainability, Centre for the Study of the Sciences and the Humanities

Theory of science and ethics (nano 310), Master level, Faculty of Natural Science




Select publications in English

Rommetveit, Kjetil & van Dijk, Niels (2022) Privacy engineering and the techno-regulatory imaginary. Social Studies of Science

Rommetveit, Kjetil; Ballo, Ingrid Foss & Sareen, Siddharth (2021) Extracting Users: Regimes of Engagement in Norwegian Smart Electricity Transition. Science, Technology, & Human Values.

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Select publications in Norwegian

Rommetveit, Kjetil (2021). Digital? Suverenitet? Nytt Norsk Tidsskrift. 38(01): 111-123

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Select reports

Rommetveit, K, Dunajcsik, M. Tanas, A. Silvast, A. and Gunnarsdóttir, K. (2017). The CANDID Primer: Including Social Sciences and Humanities scholarship in the making and use of smart ICT technologies (edited by K Gunnarsdóttir). CANDID (H2020-ICT-35- 2016) D5.4, available at http://candid.no/progress

Rommetveit, K. Gunnarsdóttir, K., van Dijk, N., Smits, M.  Making robotic autonomy through science and law? EPINET project report. April 2015. Available at goo.gl/7XXfEb

Van Dijk, N, Rommetveit, K. A Risk to a Right? Cross-Cutting Lessons for Data Protection Impact Assessments Summary of findings and policy recommendations. April 2015. Available at:  goo.gl/RxDaR9

Rommetveit, K., Strand, R., Fjelland, R., Funtowicz, S. (2013) “What can history teach us about the prospects of a European Research Area?”. European Commission, JRC scientific and policy reports. Available at http://ipsc.jrc.ec.europa.eu/fileadmin/repository/eas/saia/docs/201310_Histera_final_ report.pdf

Overview of publications in Cristin:

PhD, Theory of science and technology

Master thesis, philosophy of science

Legal studies, 2 years


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